Huloo guys, may you have a blast weekend. Its 3rd of December! Times really running fast right? Seems like it was yesterday we welcoming 2016, and now we are at the end of it. There is so much things happen along one year and you know what? I’m actually cant believe that we are at December already?!
Lets take today post as November wrap up and December most anticipate moment. 
πŸ’™ I feel proud actually with myself for getting a comeback on blogging and writing especially. I realize that I’m a shy person and a bit low in self esteem and I found that even my writing have a lot of craps than any good but the real things that really matter was, I, as a writer need to believe in my writing, and put a lot of heart and patient to keep improving. Improving does not happen in a day or two but it is a never ending process. And that is where I root my patient. 
πŸ’™ I’ve been spending so much time in this year by reading more books than usually which is somewhat ohsem even I pat myself good job on the shoulder. To celebrate that habits, I have bear in my 2017’s resolution to read 30 more books (psst, I have high faith that I’ll read it more, teehee), please wish me luck. I may think to revert my blog into booklogger. Haha. (I dont even know if that word exists but you get it right? No? Umph)

πŸ’™ 2016 is a really tough year, I learn something new and most of all I learn to change myself into another level of person gradually (not by married okay, not yet, next year InsyaAllah). What I meant here is that I have the chance to grow my company and learn to be a leader, which I’m still armature at. I think, that we may not actually have to know everything to become one great leader. 
One wise woman said to me, everything in this world have its own risk, even walking down the stairs we are exposed to the risk that we may fall, what actually important is how we tackle and confront that risk. She even give us (its actually a coaching session between her and my business partners) tips how to confront when something bad occur. 
1. To embrace
2. To know what is wrong (to never point others)
3. To never do it again
and its actually how life should be.
πŸ’™ Today is the first weekend on December, my most anticipate moment was that actually tomorrow I’m gonna go to Popular Mega Bookfair!! and I  have listed the book that I wanna brought and maybe I’m gonna post a mega haul tomorrow. Its funny actually that today I am planning so much from how much cash I need on hand, even reviewing PopClub & Mega Bookfair catalogue so that tomorrow I wont missed the things that I want. Lets mystery of book haul remains till tomorrow. *grinning*
πŸ’™ My writing began to increase in words and paragraph and it make me so lazy to re read it back. Huarghhh. 

πŸ’™ Sorry if this post does not meet your expectation but most of all thank you for reading. πŸ˜€ 

πŸ’™ Happy December peeps!