3 (More) Tips on How to Keep Your Blog Updated

Lets admit it that we all may face a lil bit of laziness and we tend to procrastinating in updating our blog post. We all struggle here, finding the right content to take care our readers actually weighted on us. 
Even for me when I’m in the situation of being procrastinate in updating my blog, I began to think what are the things that I can upload just to cover my laziness, there are several more to positive thinking and planning will do : 

❥ Making a Schedule

You dont have to upload a blog post everyday, giving your time a space for your human lifestyle thingy will naturally urge your desire to write. Its how we deal with things in our real live that makes us wanna write so that others maybe does not have to get through the same problem by reading our post. 
So make your own schedule and stick to it, let say for a week you’ll be updating your post 3 times and in a month you actually update 12 times of blogspost – its better then update nothing. I post three to four times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday. Monday is optional, and a day in between so I can draft and manage my resources. This does not mean I cant update in between, as long I have ideas and my content were ready then I just go with the ‘Publish’ button. Or I can just simply save it for my must-post-day-regarding-on-what-it-takes. 

❥ Write Anything

Some blogger suggest that we need to have niche in our blog such as beauty, books, travel or etc. Just in case you happen to be a kind of blogger like me who does not have specific niche and I talk about everything it is because I am a lifestyle blogger, and that my friend, is a niche. 😀
The key is giving you self a time to develop, just write everything that inspires you. Be patient of yourself, give your brain time, you dont have to rush everything, the world is already too hectic for that. There were bunch of reading material out there that actually can help you, or if you run of idea, its best to answer tags, doing some post review just so you keep you blog update. Be patient, the best yet will gradually comes to you. Just give yourself a time. 

❥ Short yet consistence

Things like wordless Wednesday, hauls, reviews may be a short kind of blog post, but bear in mind, people were too busy to read longer paragraph, so make it short but packed with the right and enough information for your readers. And your post just good to go.

Hope that help. Do you have anything in mind to keep your blog updated?