Gegar Keningau in Manuk Tarabang Version

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hello guys may you all have a nice weekend. As for me, I have a busy but worthy time spending with my #teammanuktarabang selling cloth at Gegar Keningau. 
So this post gonna be a little less in words but full with pictures collection throughout our activities.
All pictures taken with Sony A6000 with various photographer. And its all #sooc
Booth Sales

Bestseller, newest and premium item
We also have heatpress tshirt printing services. 
Move Tee Premium Collection, Printed with Vinly in Gildan Brand T-Shirt
How our day 2 be like. #teammanuktarabang
And also mug press services.
Can I be your #ootd?
Our youngest member in action
Last night of Gegar Keningau event
3 Days of Selling and the newly married couple be like. Featuring Puan Khoo Chee in picture. 
We buy the glow in the dark bracelet supaya ndak senang hilang Lols
Member of the MT watch out the concert
Manuk Tarabang Throug the Looking Glass. 😀
Our designer in charge
Abaikan yg dilempar angin itu. Haha.

Till then guys ^^ 
Got Puan Kuci in the picture today. Haha.