5 Top Things To Do In Handling An Angry Customer For Girls

Being in the business area, some of you may face trouble. The common and usual issues is when  you are forced to handle a furious yet upset client who are not satisfied with our services.  

So these are the top five things you need to do in order to handle the situation.

1. Keep Calm and Smile

This is an important key to keep yourself in control. Trying to not lose your temper is quite hard especially when you are women as we are designed to get emotional quickly. This is the first step so try to smile wider as it may help release the tension away.

Whatever they say to you never ever take it personally. Bear in mind that they are getting furious about your services and not directly at you. You just happen to be the middle person of it all.

2. Listen Carefully

People get angry for many reasons. It is very important to hear what the situation of the other party is such as the cause of their anger. With this situation in control, you may identify the issue in your services which can be a good thing to improve your services in the future. For example, if you are running a cafe, you may forgot to put sugar in their coffee. It may seem small but it is a big matter to the customer because they paid good money for it..

And take into mind, usually the words that were projected while someone is angry is 90% approximately true – don’t you think so?

3. First to Apologize

With all the information you gather from your art of listening. It is time to take it into action. Apologize to the other party even if may not be your fault.

4. Offer a Better Solution

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Start with statements like –
“I understand that you ___, and we are deeply sorry because ___, therefore to show how awful we feel how about we offer you ___”

It is highly advised that before offering someone a solution, one need to know what are the gain and loss on that particular situation. It is  best to do some research before then, just in case.

Losing a little may gain you a customer who is satisfied with your solution which leads to a long term value to your business.

5. Thank You and Smile Again

When both parties agree on how to deal with the situation, it best to end with a lot of thank you and gratitude towards your customer who understands the situation. We are looking forward to serve them better right?

6. Have A Reward – BONUS

Sometimes we will feel very weary in handling customer behavior. It will always be a hard day to control our own emotions and exhaustion from thinking what is the best solution to offer customers. Therefore, after dealing with an angry client, why don’t you take some time to relax yourselves a bit from the heated situation with maybe a simple cup of coffee(hope that the barista did not forget to put sugar into it).

Last but not least, job well done girl. Hooray! Do you have any other suggestions on how to handle these angry customers? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.