Coach handbag Malaysia | Style You Up!

Assalamualaikum wbt, 

Hey they fellas, I pray that y’all keep your momentum at it highest in this Ramadan. Amiin. On the previous Sunday, beside watching movies, I also brought a new handbag for myself as my previous handbag got problem with its handle. 

That make me thinking, as a woman, we brought our stuff derived from what are the things we need to put in our bag (or its just me? haha). As a photographer I used to bring along my DSLR camera weighted 500gram. So for me its always necessary to have a bigger space in my bag to compressed all together the DSLR, wallet, cheque book, some books and maybe some cosmetics (I used compact powder only) into it.
In the end what matter the most is how functioning my handbag are, whether it can carry or sustainable enough for all the stuff that I compressed in. And of course, modern and stylish bag were also taken into account. Why does it sound like im referring to Coach’s handbags? Haha.  

Coach is a popular and well known brand offers not only stylish, functioning, modern and also continuously merge themselves in nowadays trend. Their design are the proud of American, because what really differs them from others is the heritage with the injection of modern and nowadays trend. Actually there are plenty of bag designs to choose from depends on your personal style. 

If you are still not sure where to start looking for Coach handbags that suits your needs, check out these three must have Coach handbag Malaysia designs :-

#1 Go glamor with The Signature 
For the ladies who love a signature style to their look which represents the identity of the Coach brand, the Coach signature logo handbag design will definitely be the perfect choice for you to flaunt everywhere you go. Signature designs are always versatile for women to match with anything outfit they have on. Also, you’ll get an extra boost of confident wherever you go.

#2 Make it simple.
The simple plain handbag designs is the most common bag women will purchase as it is versatile to be matched with whatever piece of clothing you have. Choose from the many colours of plain bag designs from Coach which fits your fashion taste and pull it together with a nice ensemble. Go for earth tone bags colours for a mature look or look feminine with pastel handbags.

#3 Bright, Bold and Beautiful
If you are someone who wants to look confident and fun, the bright bold bag designs from Coach will definitely boost your mood. Catch everyone’s attention by carrying the trendy Coach handbag and step out feeling amazing. Match it perfectly with your outfits and show off your outgoing personality.

So what bag are you into with? Let me know. ^^
Till then, reading you soon (as a matter of fact we dont see each other so the very least I can do its reading your blog, *grinning*