Book Review | Girl On Point by Cheryl Guerriero

The girl who joins gang to find her sister murderer. I get this book from Red Adept Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

Author: Cheryl Guerriero | Published by Red Adept Publishing | English | Genre : Crime, Thriller, Drama | Rating : ★★★☆☆

I’ve been thinking too much about this book and how to express my personal experience in reading it. Well, lets get started.

First Impression

The description of this books makes me wanna read it because it was not often a character choose the other road, like the road which you deny to move on and still stone head in your current situation.

Normally most of us are those people who choose to move on, live a life without that person or doing nothing and choose to clog ourselves with lifetime sadness. This story was different, it was indeed a girl with point. Where you just throw yourself in a gang for the sake to find your sister murderer.

That indeed the main reason that I choose this book, cause it will not be a cliche book.

The Plot

I deeply in love on how Cheryl potraits Alex, that how the chracter kept asking herself whether the decision she made worth the journey or not. She and even the reader cant predict what will happen next, I mean you are in a gang territory, how bad things gonna be right?

The plot of this book was rather straightforward, it was just the way I’ll enjoying it.

Just… it was not the book that I will re read, because the plot was actually too plain, I have some difficulty in understanding the local accents/words using in communication, since english was not my main language. But I finished it and the ending broke my heart a bit. I never suspect ‘that person’ to be the culprit.

Why you should looking up for the book?

It was a straight forward contents, the plot and character was totally fine and okay with me, I just hope there will be a major plot twist, more conflicts and more intimate with the character, that is why I will read more (future) books by you Cheryl.