Book Review | Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Buckle up guys cause this gonna be a serious book review. Its always start with love at first sight, those bright things hanging on the books shelves, the sudden changes of preference colour (must be the hormones thingy), but I found myself bought this book because I tot it was full of magic. 
IT WAS. and of course, surprises! and maybe lots of snogging (too). This was my first attempt experience Rainbow Rowell writing, so lets have fun with it. ^^
Happily to inform that this review are spoiler free so do not hesitate to read more.  😘

The Cover & The Summary
Look at those beautiful bright cover. The truth is it takes me half of the book before recognizing all the blank space in the cover, silly me yo, never realize it stories gonna based on the cover (of course it is!). I should have realize it earlier but got distracted by how bright the yellow color was. Too late for me to realize when all the things already come into senses. 
It was a ghost story (many ghost perspectives), loves stories (one that I never knew it coming) and mystery (yeah, decorate the yummy-licous with a bit of mystery to be solved).
The Plot
To be honest, im kinda bored in the earlier part of the book, the hype does not go anywhere, too dull and I dont know what were actually to expect, I found no love, only ghosts and somehow a mystery that was not heading anywhere. I hate myself for not being feed with curiosity by a book (isnt that what book do – feed us with lots of amazing stuff?).
If you happen to read this book, please dont stop while you experience this, at least wait till the plot twisted. Yeahh, it happens in the middle of the book, where perhaps all the waiting was worth the excitement. 
Full of unsolved mystery, a kind of life must carry on despite what odd had happened.  
There were also few things I found funny within this book:
1. The spells – its like song lyrics, I dont know why it bother me. But its funny, you’ll encounter spell like “Scooby Doo Where Are You” and “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. Haha. But seriously I didnt have a clue how the spells are actually worked. :3
2. The love triangle – its just hilarious when you know the truth, of course, I wont spoil it here. 😉
The Characters
I think the author intention at the first place was not to make the characters to be remembered so much. As the only thing I remembered about this novel was the romance, its not really bringing the hype but its just okay for me, its just fine and bit of enjoying it tbh. I just read it because it was a fictions, nothing more than a world that does not even exist but somebody may experience the same thing, I’m just the reader btw and doesnt mean I agree with the content. 
There is this character who reflect Harmione, Dumbledore and those who have been mistaken at the wrong side. And a great happy ending. The friendship just like that, not really strong but it will do just for the sake of this book backbone. 
If you keen of involving something else kind of romance, then this are the books, same to the kind of yeah you’re the main character but nope at the end, let me take everything away from you and leave you just enough for you to live. 
It was a light book (dull entry tbh) and the message of this book was crystal clear; Carry On.