A Few Announcement for Dewi’s Reader

Hello there, please come in. Welcome everyone on board of slightly major update.

No no its not about King Hybern conquering the world of Dewi, its just..

I’ve changed DEWI into Hundred Pages. 

Im tired of showing my feminine sites (tho it does not really shows significant different šŸ˜‚) so I changed my blog name to words that for me resembles me the most, it took me awhile to realize my passion towards reading and also writings.

Hundred Pages was derived from my actual habit as a book lover, I fond to target in a day to read at least hundred pages so I would not be haunted by not completing my 2017 reading challenge. Teehee. Because of that I’m slowly becoming a bookaholic. Not to mention my tons of TBR que. šŸ˜ I have no choice for being a kind of bibliophile myself.

Since I want to get serious in booklogging therefore I started a bookstagram of my own. I love to take book photos and instead of uploading them on my personal IG account I decide to niche my passion and Pufff! My bookstagram just comes alive. Plus bookstagram community was awesome and I’d love to be part of it. I have so much to learn tho.

Just so you wonder my IG name is @hundpaj lols, it was the only available name after trying a few words, but I guess it will work just fine as the pronunciation was almost the same.

Thank you for my biggest inspiration and bookish girlfriend who already start their bookish thingy, you know who you are and please know that I love you gals so much šŸ˜™ And thank you for being my reader God know who you are, please blessed them and let them be my strength in this long journey.

I tot I want to write more but I reckon that typical human does not fond of TLTR post.
Therefore, I rest my case.

Lets pray for our everlasting idea in blogging and what are you doin for weekend? Got best movie?