Mystery Box Giveaway by Dewi (Sticky Post)

Hello gais. This is gonna be my first giveaway for 2016 and Im super excited.

Frankly, I’ve been watching so much booktuber lately and seeing them unboxing stuff and it makes me wanna unbox something too. It is great to have that dont-know-what-to-say-but-im-incredibly-happy feeling of receiving parcel that you dont know what inside it till you opened it.  Then I think, why dont I throw a giveaway to my readers so you all can incredibly experience that excitement feeling while unboxing the mystery box. Hehe.

What actually a ‘Mystery Box’? It is a name I make it myself inspired by Bookish Bundle on Instagram where you made a pre order Bundle from them and they’ll send to you at a specific date and yet the Bundle remains mystery till you unboxing it. In case you still didnt get it let see how this video by Malie will trigger your excitement:

Already exciting? Well lets begin, I promise that I’ll make the terms as easy as possible. What I need you to do to legally participate and win a chance of a mystery box are :

1. Like my page and follow my blog (Uh here’s the Like button)

2. I need you to make a new post titled ‘Mystery Box Giveaway by Dewi
3. Dont forget to paste the banner above and link it into this post.
4. Please include in the post why you wanna win the Mystery Box and what would you wish you’ll receive inside it?
5. Paste your link in the comment section below.
6. Please do one of these

  •  Like this particular post above (beside the share button)
  • Tag two of your blogger friend (make sure to tell them)
🌟 Once you follow the terms above, you’ll legally listed as a participant (note that I’ll be checking). 
🌟 Only One winner will be selected. 
🌟 The winner will be judged by his/her creativity on number 4 terms.

🌟 A bit teaser about that Mystery Box – what makes a chicken fly?

🌟 Due date of this Giveaway is on 15 December 2016, 12pm.

🌟 Winner will be announced on 17 December 2016.

🌟 Participant list will be update two days simultaneously. 

Chop chop chop, no time to waste. 😀

Participants :
1. Syazwani14Cats
2. Syuha Zulkifli
3. Hazrina Halim
4. Shahida Halim
5. Noor Akma
6. Nufaz
7. Julie Nida
8. Liyana Jasmi
9. Nor Nazliana
10. Unnie Anje
11. Noor Najwa
12. Razanah Anis
13. Zafirah Nazri
14. The Fade
15. Fatin