I Miss My Laptop | What to Love With Vivo V3Max

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hello guys, may you have a wonderful week. As for me I just got back my lappy that my colleague used, so here I am writing an update before about a hour depart to Kundasang for three days company’s family day event. Haha. Its been a hectic world these couple weeks. 
Oh ya, last two weekend me and my parents were heading to Karamunsing to find our water filter, and guess what? This girl here ‘accidentally’ brought her new smartphones. Why is it accident? Because it was not really a plan before, well, it was a plan but I didnt plan to buy one so damn quick that very day. 
Which smartphone I’m talking about? Here a sneek peek. 😀 

I brought the pink color one, as a remembrance of my previous pink Samsung S4. Lols.

These are my personal list on what to not hate about this Vivo V3Max :
1. It has fast finger prints unlock which a very fun thing for me. 😀 *senang terhibur*
2. Wider screen for better reading.
3. Super fast processing which features their Processor – Qualcomm S652 1.8GHz Octa-core 64bit and 4GB Ram which is multi tasking. 

4. Fast charging and longer lasting battery.

6. From the store that I brought this is it has 8 free gifts along buying one Vivo V3Max, which is include one VR google. Naissu I say. 

So thats all for today, thanks for reading fellas. ^^