Harry Potter and The Cursed Child | A Book Review

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Did you wonder what happen after the last scene of Harry Potter where he, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Draco send their child on the Hogwarts Express?
Well, worry no more cause the eight chapter is finally release! In a manuscript version for theather premiered at the Palace Theatre, London, on 30 July 2016. (Cant found any footage recorded).

Rose’s lines The rumor is that he’s Voldermort’s son, Albus.
    A horrible, uncomfortable silence.
It’s probably rubbish. I mean… look, you’ve got a nose.
   The tension is slightly broken, Scorpius laughs, pathetically grateful. 

Well, my review for this book. Ehem, as a fan of Harry Potter itself, I may say it was a nice comeback of HP series. The wise, wisdom, humour, and friendship thingy as just as like what we remember them. Im almost cry of happiness. Lols.

The theme of this book was the same of previous HP series. Had also that ‘wow’ factor like Snape story, heartwarming as Lily Potter sacrifices. A revive some of powerful characters, new villain, new friendship and new bond are constructed well along the story goes.

Snape’s lines Sometimes costs are made to be borne.
   The two look at each other, Snape nods, Hermione nods back. I didn’t just quote Dumbledore, did I?

I did not write Snape’s lines right? OMG now I can illustrate how this script will turned out when converted into movies. And im hoping so.
Giving 5 out of five, cause cant find any reason to unlike. Very recommended book, especially for dear Potterhead.
Sorry I cant expose to much because you need to read to experience the awesomeness feelings.

Till then. ^^