Book Review of Flawed by Cecelia Ahern | I Scream NO Almost On Every Chapters End

This are the time that I am very exhausted but I have this mingling words playing in my head screaming ‘Let Me Out!’ so desperately. So here you go, a honest and non spoiler review for one of the most emotional book I ever read. Heart ripping story most told.. ever. 

But I can understand now why people read, why they like to get lost in somebody else’s life. Sometimes I’ll read a sentence and it will make me sit up, jolt me, because it is something that I recently felt but never said out loud.

First Impression & Summary

I never had an Ahern book before so I dive in for the try and turn out that I’ll never regret myself from reading this book. Bought it because of the pink colour of course since I have so many black book cover and never had a pink.

by Cecelia Ahern, Published by Harper Collins, 402 Pages, English, Genre : Young Adult, Sci Fi, Goodreads

Celestine having a perfect life – she aid a Flawed old man – being branded Flawed – survive as a Flawed. Pretty simple plot huh? No, Im wrong, there is so much more.

The Plot & World Development

IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL BOOK. 90% depends on emotional. First part of the book had been planting the fundamental theory about was what this book about. That being Flawed is a disgrace to the society. People never like you because you are a Flawed person – and that my friend, a suck but sad story to tell.

Then we have this heart ripping part when the author decide to ‘brand’ her main character as a Flawed. There goes all the nooooo scream. The protagonist had been thrown so many obstacles just by aiding a dying old man! Argh, the world is just so cruel and the society was just so ugly.

Its like being in Hunger Game movie when the earth is dying and government had to do the dumbest thing on earth to save mankind. I just cant take the injustice and the society dumbest way of thinking.

Albeit, that leaves me cling to a ray of hope, even if it was as thin as a seven split of a hair but the world actually have those people, who fights. So it was emotional, heart gripping and giving us hope just a bit enough to make us curious about the well being of the main characters.

Characters Development

I never seen an author put so much emotional in the main characters like this book, bring-it-on! First I have been introduce into a society that hate the Flawed, and the perfect life of Celestine, the girl who taking action regarding her logical thinking. Then because of her logical thinking, she aid a Flawed old man only to be accuse for being Flawed. I love how author explain and really – I mean really taking time to explain the condition.

..and who would you prefer they watch? You or the girl you’re pretending to be?

It was not a messy paragraph of pointing on how oblige the people was, but it was a paragraphs of developing emotion, hopes, inner obligation of the protagonist. Clearly Ahern just want us to cry, to be in the shoes of the main characters and God I have to applause her for her well writing (Im gonna own many of her book after this).

The Ending for Flawed? Honestly?

I watch him,still, strong and silent, like the rock he was named for. 

I just want more of  Carrick, :3 I know Carrick leave a huge part of him in Celestine mind, but let face it people, Celestine just barely talking to Carrick and although all the feel she develop into trusting Carrick into his very bone I just dont want to expect anything, anything at all – urgh, Im afraid being broken again, lols.

I have this ideology on not to rely so much on the first book, the plot can be twisted so much after then. Nevertheless, I hope Carrick is the solution for all the problem. I hate to see when world cant be change into a better place even if its a world in a book. Theres got to be something delightful on how this book should end.

Recommendation & Rating

It was a slow paced story, its really take time on the characters and world development. I would actually recommend this to fellow author as an example and good reference for story development. Definitely the book that I always want to read. Reading this book worth the time and patience as every sentences hold their own feelings. There was less action and like I said before it was 90% emotionally dependent (I just scream NO almost on every chapters end – the thrill is just too much). 

Rating : ★★★★☆ (Minus 1 for the less apperearance of Carrick the leaves me bunches of list on what to expect on the second book)

Nadia & Siqah also reading the same book I cant wait what they thought of this book. Last time I told them that my heart ripping into parts reading on how Celestine had been pushed away by the society and her boyfriend. There is been so much to bear the moment you realize that people can change 360 degree on you when they found out that you are Flawed.

Thanks for reading, sorry no potatoes today. 😀