Influential People | Those Who Inspired Me

Assalamualaikum wbt,

May you all have a blessed day people. 
Since i’m younger, I always have these dream that I want to met those people who done great things on their life. Well, on these facebook era, I do know some of them and followed their inspirational stories – virtually I say.
They are the dont-let-anything-make-you-down kind of sifoos also those who have and grows business on their own, with the help of their partner of course. I also dig about their life history, how they manage to do all the seem-impossible tasks and stand out stronger and influential than ever, how an ordinary person do extraordinary things in short. Yeah, you’ll get a bit of my chit chat notes here as I passionately explaining their life. >.<
The people I know (on the facebook, lols) are :
She is the founder PTS Books or Bookcafe. Did you ever know that before PTS Books existed, they were initially just a bunch of community that provides advice to the book authors? They called themselves PTS Consultant, established on 1988. Only after twelve years later PTS Publication and Distributors were establish focusing in distributing scientific and knowledgeable books. 

Now, in spite of PTS Books, Puan Ainon also run Ainon Business Schools, focusing on business areas. The Borneo T-Shirt members are highly inspired by her business style, from how they manage their SOP, cash flow thru how to engage with customer are all inspires by her and her team mates. Good things are good to follow right? 
I dont know where did I know about him, but one thing for sure that I know SN since before he produce his own book. One of my favourite inspirational story about him is when he started his photography career with only RM90 on hands (full story on these on below link)

He face many struggle in his life, but what matter the most, how he dealt with it – all written in his book and Facebook. He also one of the founder Rumah Warga Pengasih, 100% syariah implementation for asnaf community. Nowadays, he actively producing and working on his new brand T-Shirt such Sarcasteek, Werda’s (syariah complience muslimah wear) advisor and also a headmaster of Saiful Nang Academy. Alhamdulillah, he is one of the physical evidence that Allah will blessed those people who make effort to change their own fate.
So, these two people have affected my perspective of life and business. Do check their profile for more inspiration. May Allah always blessed of them here and hereafter. 
Notes : Notice that I’ve dont get picture of them cause I’m afraid it had been copyright so yeah, no picture. Just direct link. πŸ˜€

So, who are the person who influent you the most? In what area? Oh please do share. πŸ˜€