Extra Extraordinary

Assalamualaikum wbt, 
Hello guys, even though I’m born as the only child to my parents but I do love and encourage the bonding between people. Some people may think that the only child will be kind of introvert kind, spending too much on their world etc. Well, I used to be one till I’ve been admitted into a boarding school. 

I must said that to struggle and stand on your own feet is really a difficult task, we all have been through it somehow. That is why Allah makes us unique, we, ourselves are different to each other. Everyone of us have their own strength and their own weakness. So we can continues giving value of virtues to others maybe. 
How about when there are these several people with different history and background team up to achieve that one goal. To tolerate with each other weaknesses and push their strength to their limits, what kind of results will you think comes out? E X T R A O R D I N A R Y right?
Lets backward a bit to the only child part. I do have many friends of my kind (the only child), and they were (including me – LOL) gonna be a good addition to the team. We provide intelligent cause being an introvert made us kind of people who imagine a lot and feed our curiosity by doing many different creatives things – such as reading and exploring what other people havent been to before (creepy? perhaps, haha). In spite of that, we are good to take care of our own so that other member are not burdened by us. Teehee. 
Sorry for misleading things, but I guess deep in your heart you are totally agree with my statements right? Hands up for that only child in the family. Hehe. 
Too bad that is all for now cause its almost midnight, oh how fast the times goes. :3 
May Allah grant us with the blessing of times. Amiin. 
Till then please enjoy this song which me and my office mate have karaoke session on our own at the office before heading home. Haha.