A Post of Gratitude and Condolence for Post Sabah Earthquake 2015

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hello readers, may you all under His guardian always. πŸ™‚

I’ve been thinking to write this post regarding experience on last year earthquake on 5 June 2015, Alhamdulillah all of my family members, friends and acquaintance are all save yet still suffers the post earthquake trauma.
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5 June 2015, Friday.
At that time, it was school holiday, I’ll report late to my office cause I was assign to be a bridesmaid to my best friend solemnization. I was about doing my work in front of my notebook in my bedroom and ma, shes outside watching some tv shows. We live in four floor teachers quarter, and our house at level four. At 7.15 am, I felt the shaking starts from the roof, and the house began to shakes themselves, I was curios back then and open my door calling my mom ‘ma?’ and she was calling me too, I thought it was contractor that climbed our house roof to recover the broken parts then at one second I realize its not just a common building shakes made by them. 

Then I hurried back to my ma, and grabbed the nearest peace of cloth to cover my head. Me and ma, quickly get out from our house and running down the stairs, from level four towards the final stairs ma always said her takbir, and me also, I have set my mind, if the last words I will said in this world, let it be my God’s name, Allah.

Reaching the final stairs with hardship, me and my ma still trembling in shock. Joining our others neighbor who are at their trauma state. We dont know what happen, we all felt that we have the tendency to lose our home, the quarters shaking terribly for 30 seconds and I think it would collapsed at any time. But it does not. Allahu *sobs*
To be short, since that day, we cant sleep well every night, me and my ma are traumatize by what happen, especially my ma. The kind of feelings that even a blink of an eye Allah will take everything out of you, so why not I’ll not be a grateful servant? After all, all of these are belong to Him. He just lend to us for our usage in this world. 
Nowadays, Palestinas suffered by having non availability of water to cook, to bathe, to do obligations or prays. MasyaAllah. πŸ™ The last things if you think you have a stressful and unlucky day of your life, just think that, we still have water, we still can make our prayers with calm. Allahu. 
Alhamdulillah, for the last 8 months, Allah has recovered our sleep, we began to felt safe again. Thank You Allah.

I’ve seen this video a minute ago and watching them saying takbir remind me how trembling I am at that earthquake moment, a moment where I think I’ll lose everything, a moment that I’ll lose my life. 
May our duas for our dear Palastina granted by Allah. Allahumma sollih. 

My biggest condolence for Sabah Earthquake 2015 victims.

Cukuplah kematian sebagai peringatan.  

With that, I thank you. and.. read you soon. πŸ™‚