4 Reading Mobile Application to Burn Boredom

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Phew, times really moving fast, its flies and without my realization its already midnight. Nowadays generation also want their things to get settle up probably within a blink of an eye *like that can happen right?*. No wonder sometimes I fall deeply into procrastinating because I cannot tolerate with some people who like to get things done with unrealistic times duration. :3

Cause for me, when you want an output to be great, it need more time (and love, duhh, how can you do something when you are not putting your passion into it?)
Aww, did I mentioned that how to make used of your lazy time? Some people prefer to watch movies, playing games, window shopping or even browsing the internet to burn boredom. For me, I enjoy reading (and I really need it desperately). Below are my top apps where I spent my time reading instead of reading books. *Books are awesome too and I never ignore it, its just a way to burn time if you only have your smartphones along*
Tumblr is an easy blogging application just like Facebook and Twitter, you can share or reblog it with one click. Since Tumblr is kind of blogging platform, usually it has longer text / paragraph written for you to enjoy. Its also got backlink source which are easy to find.
The UI appearance are very fascinating, by picking your favorite topics, Flipboard will arange your daily stacks and feed the curiosity in you. It bundle articles from various websites on the internet and all you have to do is flip the page!
Free short stories/novel from various author, more then 20 genre can choose from and unlimited free reads. It have the auto save bookmark where you can start from the page you left before and this are very powerful and benefits apps I must say. It also have many guides book and the latest I red was How To Become A Better Writer – a Wattpad Guide by Tonya Snow Cook.

4. Tapas
Tapas is platform for web comic writers and novelist. It is an application which maximize their user experience by their user friendly interface. Its free to download and in app purchases, have more than 14K creator/writers that  contribute their talents to Tapastic. A must have app for a manga lover or just for reading materials.

Silent Horror is my favorite comics. ๐Ÿ˜€

And above all, I do some blogwalking sometimes with my mobile, there’s a lot talented writers among us (blogger), you will never know how inspires are they. ^^
How about you? Do you read? Or prefer watching movies / playing games instead? ๐Ÿ˜€