Of teeth and dental floss.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Gigi anda berlubang? Cos me yes.

When I’m in primary school, dentist used to praise me for the beautiful teeth I have.

“Pandai kamu jaga gigi”. Dalam hidung kembang kempis tu boleh lah juga angguk sikit, bangga katanye.
After several years..
Tibalah masa kesakitan gigi bermula. Dalam kekeliruan dan ketidaktahuan aku blaming all the sweet food I ate, sebab still for the past years I berus gigi just as every tv commercial or dentist that thought us to brush our teeth in school. I have done what they said and how can I possibly still gotta cavity in my teeth? *muncung*.

Well, one day I met an collegue, my new usrahmate, who are a dentist. Then I talk to her about my teeth problem, is there any other way to preserve my teeth that been attacked by cavity? She said unless my cavity is treatable yes they can ‘tampal’ the gigi like most people do, but in case the nerve of the teeth critically ill, there are just two option; long and expensive process which is cure the nerve or easy and cheap process such plugged out the teeth.
Hmm, so me ask again what are the reason our teeth have cavity although we think we have taken good care of it? Is it because of sweet food that we ate?
She said, its not necessarily to blame the food cos *she took a glimpse on my teeth*, like me, who have gap between teeth, eventho we already take precautions brushing our teeth every time before we goin to bed, actually there are still food trapped in our teeth gap, that is why I used dental floss to get rid of them. And there you’ll realize actually not all food waste eliminated while u brushing your teeth.


That night I brought dental teeth floss, and learning how to floss my teeth from youtube. And guess what, she’s right. NOT ALL THE FOOD WASTE HAD BEEN ELIMINATED while we brush our teeth.
Still not believe? Try it! Haha, or end like me, three mature teeth had been plugged out.

Please take good care of you teeth while you can. Readya soon.