Murdered : Soul Suspect | Horror Game Personal Review

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hello, just a quick intro on how I involve in gaming; I love to watch people playing games, how they react to the game is a priceless joy for me *sememangnya saya mudah terhibur* haha. Watching them playing and me be like “Hey, i wanna play games too, I want to have that kind of excitement too”. So, my first game using game controller is Street Fighter – when i’m 6-7 years old maybe, itu pun pinjam dengan pak cik.

Several years later then I have my own game box *the one that you slots card on the main console* – I dont really know what it had been called back then. Didnt long last when I found myself so busy by making into secondary hostel, I got back into gaming routine after I finished my secondary school. Now in PC – Since then I have played various of games genre that I can recall starting with Alice Madness,

Surprisingly most of the game I played had been my inspiration in my designing career *maybe, lols*. The excitement I found in playing games are not limited only by their superb graphic but also how the game told their stories that really matter me the most. 

So that is it, and the review, lets begin.

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One day, a colleague of mine said “I have a horror games do u wanna play it?” so I said “Sure”, “Okay, but dont play it at night, it’ll give u goosebumps”. And me be like “Duuh, I take the challenge”. So I spend the other day playing Murdered : Soul Suspect overnight, and yeah that night I slept with my room light on, afraid of the demons getting close to me. *giggles*

I love the graphic, the menu option especially the writing, its actually kind of messy but as long as I can read it then it shud be okay  and its compatible with the game genre, and the story line.. I just hope it has a better ending for the killer, but overall it has a nice story line. Worth the 16 hours playing. 
“Playing games is like watching movies, but with you as the main character” 
This game is all about revealing Ronan O’Connor true killer, his unfinished business before goin to heaven – at least in this game. No shooting necessary but it sure have lots of blood scene. Being a ghost giving the limitation in engaging with real life living person; but vice versa to that is what you good at in lifetime, will be your powerful ability in the spirit world. 
The rival (ghosts & demons)  – giving a slight goosebumps but I’m sure you’ll be survive in daylight and  a bit of light source in nigh time. Haha. Thumbs up for the details the developer put in Demons – it have a Dementor kind of appearance with a rock and roll walking appearance – u’ll know what I meant if you played the games. 
The background were set up at Salem, which are popular with witchcraft real life history. Along the game it will be set at night time. Personally I love this witchcraft thingy horror, not that I’m a fan of it, but it sure have a story line which is dark and mysterious – adding a spice on the game. Its also have side quest to be solved as well as collectibles things to uncover background stories of Salem.
The challenge in this games were the riddles, how to confront demons, how to control fear and most of all challenge a person’s detective skills – where I’m still sucks of it tho I have spend two weeks reading Sherlock Holmes books. But the final conclusion I have predicted in the end closely enough. Just think like you are a ghost – what would you do. *it works for me :P*.
Supporting characters getting you to dig more on the main character personal life. And its also have the romantic novella stories about Ronan’s ex wife. And yeah in the end all the truths stories will be unfold slowly – both of good and bad news. Its a fun guess-what-the-end game (even if u guess it wrong).

What I dont really like about this game is there is no save slot and all of it is autosave, so its kind of exhausted when you died and need to start over from the last checkpoints. Saving only the collectable things but not the clue you shud gather. But its okay. Imma a proffesional – lols, kidding again.  

In a scale of  1 to 10, measuring by its genre, story lines and graphic I’ll give 6/10.  

P/S : If you able to get play the game, I do not hold any waste time you encounter, its all within your own risk. 😛