4 Things That I Never Told Other About Blogging Life But I’ll Tell You Anyway

Have you ever have this inner thought but it was just too dumb to tell people about it because you feel you gonna be the dumbest person ever exist in the world? I constantly feels that but if today is the dumbest day ever, I would like to be dumbest as well, just for fun and relaxing my mind a bit from all the hustle bustle of daily work.

4 Things That I Never Told Other About Blogging Life but I’ll tell you anyway

1. I respect those blogger who loves their reader. I meant its was not always about clicking nuffnang or pay their reader a visit. but to acknowledge their present and always support each other entries.

I saw some reader wanna be nice to that blogger, but blogger tu buat endah tak endah jer. Haha. So funny actually how I witness that scenarios. Whatever happen dear blogger, love and shower your readers with endless support. πŸ˜€

2. I have my own bench marking in following other people blogs. Haha. But it was always a choice, and my choice can be vary each time I’m bw. πŸ˜€

3. I enjoy random things. Those things that makes you grinning and those things that you can relate. That happen to be the enjoyment of blogging world that you always looking forward with. People tells personal stories not to get people attention but actually valuing others – so their reader will learn something and strike for the best themselves.

4. I happen to get this quote from a wise men while visiting him to get some business advice, I guess it applies in blogging too :

If blogging is easy, everyone will succeed in blogging, the whole world or to be specific 7 millions of Malaysia citizen will have a successful blogger life.

Unfortunately its not, but doesnt mean you cant be one. Experience is one’s wisest teacher.

Do you have things about blogging life that always mingling on your mind but never told anyone about it?
Share with me below. πŸ˜€