Obsessed With Books.

I’m obsessed with books. Yeah. Asal jak pergi kedai buku at least mesti buy buku, even one. Tapi membaca dia, hurmm payah betul. *poker face. Not kind of novel genre cinta, but mostly about thriller and how to improve self esteem kind of book. But why? Why do I brought so much book but don’t have the will to finish reading it?
Well today, I found the reason why. This evening, me re~watch one movie from the past where I missed the beginning slots of the movies (ahh the real reason why I watch it back) entitled Pan’s Labyrinth. Do you ever watch it? Meheheh.

Well, the movies about a girl who is actually an underworld princess who reborn and at that time she must full-fill three tasks in order to come back to her real world. That was tiny little things about the movies, actually the main point was, the girl herself, she carries a lot of books with her that caught my attention (she brought to bloody civil war in Spain, did I mention this movie is a Spanish movies?). Not just any books, but fairy tales books. So her mother said “you’re bit too old to read that kind of book’, and I was like : ‘Don’t worry girl, I know how it feel~’ *poker face. LOL.
And in my point of view, the girl read a story that she’ll be facing in reality. Where fairy tales comes alive. She encounters fairies,  faun, one-eyed monster like sort of things. Then she also given a book by the faun that guide her how to get through the task. And that’s how I remember why I really like library, book stores, bought  books even without reading it (i mean without finishing it). Because just doing all of that, my heart feel a little satisfied and comfort. Like I feel there nothing to worry about, you’ve got something valuable, something new to be explore, some skills to be upgrade. Aha..sound so much like a game isn’t it? I didn’t get it on the first time, but now I am. ~ *smile goat* (Elder Scroll fanclub~! yay!)
But recently I think too much about the books I bought and did not finished reading it yet. I mean, do our life just according what have written in the book? We also need experience right? Nowadays, with bad news all around I just afraid to walk outside house. Sad isn’t it?
But maybe someday I can walk out easily and safety without any worry. I just need to wait for the right time. 

At the end, I still love books. Mini library still in the wish list. ^^