Lets Throwback A Little Shall We?

Urgh, hello there? I know its awkward to suddenly jump in after hiatus for like, seven months? Ha ha ha, what a record you have there Eyqa, but nevertheless I wish that all my readers have a joyful day. So then, lets throwback a little shall we? 😀

Into The Unknown : Master Study

Its our semester break! Yay for us. Phew, it wasn’t easy although its just a coursework. I even take a break from working, blogging and also bookstragramming. It was just so chaotic that I even asking myself how do I survive my degree six years ago? I feel it was out of control but Alhamdulillah semester one is done!

In case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been accepted as a student for Master in Business Administration in UMS. It was a whimsical (lols, magic sangat ayat) journey to be in this phase.

Why you take coursework? Research is better maa.

I know that people will prior students by research but in my place, I was beyond happy to be in coursework, perhaps because I do my degree in science, so social science is like a new whole world for me. There is a need to begin from the bottom.

Semester 1 result was out on last January mid, although it did not get into my expectation but Alhamdulillah perhaps what I get is the best, more importantly I passed the requirement to further my second semester. I’ll begin shortly in this middle of February, argh, there are lots to do and hello there Busy and No-Weekend my old friends.

Galaxy Bookstore MY

Did I already tell you that I have started my online bookstore, although it was a little bit messed because of my messy time management, please have a look and like my pages. It was beyond perfect but you may find something interesting in it (I assure you that :D).

New Theme For The Bookstagram

I think its finally the time to upgrade those Instagram a bit, for 2020, I present to you, my blush pink white theme to soothe your eyes. Hehe, I also plan to add some more books into the frame as you can see, my subject always have a solo presentation.

What do you think on the new theme? Or is it still look the same like before? hehehe. In that case I should work extra harder.

The Ghost Bride – Netflix Episode

I tot to make a new devoted post for this but pardon my lazy fingers, so lets just squeezed it all here. I give 3.5/5 stars. Ha ha ha.

Here is the reason (WAIT! SPOILER ALERT!!):

  • Obviously, the book is a better version, but there’s also a part that cannot be denied was more impactful on the screen and also humourous.
  • Although the concept still there but the plot had been altered thoroughly so it will be more obvious and more impactful on how the characters feeling. I like how the screen portraits Li Lan, she had been more selfless, being more logical, apart from the book version she appeared more naive and innocent, but on the screen, I went all the way cheering her like, you go girl!
  • But there is the contra between series version and the book especially Er Lang, although the screen version Er Lang had shown more emotion towards Li Lan, buutttttt, I really like the mysterious version of Er Lang in the book when his step is beyond expectation when he’ll be there to help Li Lan, etc. Er Lang falls in love with Li Lan not because of her cleverness or naive or innocent, it was because of her boldness, survival skills, she can manage on her own and Er Lang sees that quality.
  • The main crucial part in TGB book is when Li Lan finally realize her well being, her power of choice, to not rely on others when doing her decision, the setting on the book creates a great perspective on this, as a young girl on that era, social critics appear to be crucial in determine your next future (as they say). However, on the screen, it does not show that much and the book was more impactful nurturing this into the reader’s mind.
  • But after all of that, I’m just so grateful about TGB screenplay, the Malacca 1890 set, the cloths, the paranakan lifestyle, and I think there some of the characters had been made and does not appear in the book like Yan Hong (or am I mistaken?) hehe.

I thinks thats all, yeah, just a simple update for the whole year. haha. Till we meet again. See you soon. ^^