Celebration of Eid Mubarak be like.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hello there rumah-terbuka-hunters, ahamdulillah, Allah give us the opportunity to experience both Ramadhan and Syawal.
Ever wonder how can we manage to go through sahur, fasting and terawih at the same day? Not to mentioned some office even switch their office hour to let their staffs leave early so they have time preparing both break fast meal and terawih, and these was also the month we have quite amount of holiday to celebrate Syawal.
What Allah planned for us is so beautiful right? Alhamdulillah indeed. 🙂
So my dear readers, how is your eid? Mine is simple and yet a moment to be grateful. Getting older, sure having us with various commitments, gather together the whole family seems just too good to be true.
Us. The red theme colors are #teamhorde, and the rest are #teamalliance. Hihihi.
There are my cousin Apik who need to leave early to campus and struggle with his thesis, also cousin Sayyful who take a break from his former job before leaving again with his new job and also cousin Pilah, who by Allah’s will spend her last raya as bachelor.
And all the busy aunties and uncles spend time together, chit chatting and speaks sarcasm to each other. Hehe.
Hot stuff
Oh ya, my raya convoy? Always satisfiying, full of laugh, exhausting moment with my craziest friends in the universe. Well most of them getting skinnier, healthier, prettier, handsome and even have their own careers. Tho some of them cant join the convoy because of other commitment. 
Alhamdulillah still, in these short but more than enough we still have time to strengthen our bonds.
Whats your raya stories? Imma posting this not because its the end of raya (we got the whole month for raya, sempat lagi Raya spree) but it is because tomorrow is the-day-all-the-hustle-bustle start and im getting ready the mood. 
Last time I’ve been posting about raya was on 2011 *mindblowing* its must take forever for me to come back with the same labelled post. I found posts about my Raya was both amusing and saddened where you can find below: 

Ever wondered how my writing skills back then? Wonder no more. LOL

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Till then, yet still, praying that you all have a blessed eid mubarak.