My Vacation’s Eve

Hello guys, this night gonna be my first day of vacation to Guangzhou, China! Believe it or not, I haven’t do any research till now cause only Allah know how super hectic my daily life be like. After rushing home I could just clean myself and take my beauty sleep. Say dull life whatever I don’t care as long you know the happy pill when it comes to super exhausted human – sleep!

Alhamdulillah today I feel a bit relax after passing down all my part into my manager. Tho I know he’ll get a bit dizzy managing our team for this several days. Please make dua for them to survive the hectic week okay?

I’ve read The Maze Runner, tho I already predict there will be a different concept from the movie, little that I know it will be way so much different.  The maze thingy was the same and the characters too but the concept had been altered. I do love both of the book and movie just the same cause each of them regardless but an acceptable concept. Good to know the original idea of the original book actually 

I am a fond of my own Sabahan slang cause we refer almost every person as bossku, and used a lot and a lot of ‘bah’ (just know the correct place to enter it). Bah is literally a word used to replace ok, yes, baiklah and was used broadly depend on the situation. If you watch this video Adam slang was actually how our conversation takes place in here. Fyi, Adam actually bragging a lot more stuff rather than followed the actual translation that makes Fathia have kind of weird feeling. Bahahaha. Adam, its your fault for overreacting. 

I admired both of them, seeing them in the same video was actually like a dream comes true and I do love how they express their own slang. Just know, how we local Sabahan speak was way so much different from Indonesian. So dont be like using javanese slang toward us. 😛

Since this gonna be our first family trip together (with other school teachers as it supposed to be school trip), I’m gonna used my 50mm lens instead of the basic one, I felt like my mood was into more portraiture this time. Lets play a lot of bokeh shall we? 😀

Thats all for now, time to continue packaging. See you again next week as China blocked some social sites including WordPress. 😀 Keep update with me by instagram (@eyqazq) instead.

Please make duas for our journey guys, may Allah blessed you. ^^