8 More Books For My February Reading Haul

I managed to read about 7 books on January. Yeay. Actually I’ve been targeting 8~9 books a month but reading non fiction just so hard than I thought! Huargh. So thats the because why I just manage to fin 7 books cause the other one was non fiction. It was about negotiation. Haha. 
So heading to my a hundred pages a day goal, this were my tbr list. I realize that most of my books were black in colour so February lets just put some bright and more bright colors into it. 😀
1. Aristokra Kronika Nashan by Ahmad Patria

Aristokra Kronika Nashan (That the same kind of name I’ll use if I ever had a fictional character, lols)

It was a Malay book and the first malay book that I’ll read on 2017 and I also the only black book I’ll read. This book story was about Melyn ian Sarra (I actually thought that her name was Aristokra but turn out that Aristokra was her descendant name something) is a princess in Nashan. Im having problem pronounce and remembering their name and places here. So far I read its good and full of patriotism towards a country and I found my patriotic lift up a bit by reading this. Looking forward for this book cause it has a map! Oh God, you just can tell how much that author put their soul in a book if it had a map! Teehee.
A map dooh! And this is my currently reading book
2. Relasi by Hilal Asyraf

This book has been way too long in my shelf and I’m gonna put it on my february read. I have so much experience with Hilal books before, his kind of writing was more into Islamic fiction plus a lots of action. I really like his writing since I red Takdir (this review was made 6 years ago, so, pardon for the childish words 😅), because it was a high fantasy novel with an Islamic background. I do really enjoy this kind of books. 
And Relasi.. from the summary it was like a science fiction. And actually Hilal does comment on my bookstagram oh god I am so blushing. Kerdil rasanya diri ini. bahaha. 
@hundpaj is my bookstagram account so yeah. XD
3. The GODs by Rozlan Mohd Noor
I reread this cause I didnt quite understand what this book about but I remember it was an ex army who kill people by The GODs instruction. :3
4. The One in  A Million Boy by Monica Wood
The one I got from Bookish Bundle subscription box. This book was about an old woman (104 years old) and a boy who actually befriend with her but from the summary I read the boy actually died and his mother had comes to that old woman and determined to finish his son’s good deeds. I just hope I didnt cry too much from this book. 
5, 6 & 7 Firebird Series by Claudia Gray (All the white purplelicious books in the picture above)
I tot it was a science fiction stories but when I goodreads it was actually… hmm.. its really hard to say.. Its L-O-V-E. I should know it by the cover. Arghhh. But I guess I have no option but to read it and stuck in a dramatic love triangle. Its gonna be a loong month. :3
8. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Just bought it because of the color! Its yellow. Feb is Yellow, White and Black day. Lols. But you know, I have struggle to realize which one actually the book title, Rainbow Rowell or Carry On. Luckily I found this book review a lot on bookstagram. 
So thats what its, do you already decide your to be read book for Feb? 
Tell me on the comment below. 😀