5 Random Facts Game + 2016 Round Up

How do you think of Dewi new look? I hope you like it as much that I do. I realize that as the day passed it will be challenge enough to struggle in this life, therefore I change Dewi, to uplift just a lil bit of spirit for the upcoming obstacles. Both for readers and me. 
There’s so much happening actually in my life, but there is several things I want to feature here, to make it fun, lets play random facts game + 2016 round up. Let see how well you know Dewi, or even me? Haha. 

1. What is the meaning behind my blog name?

As for new reader, Dewi was originally named with ICHIGO – its mean strawberry. Ichigo comes from my obsession with Ichigo Kurasaki character from Bleach. But then, on July 2016, I rebrand my blog into Dewi, to feature feminine and soft spot of me. Lols. 

Read the reader reaction here : Changing ICHIGO to DEWI

2. Using English?

And again, Dewi was not originally written in english, it was in malay and yeah very much grammar mistakes, but on this June 2016 I decide to write in english, nothing more rather then to perfect myself in this language. I realize I do read a lot of english books too, and it really does help me gradually in writing. Tbh, I proud of how far I’ve been push myself now. 
3. My Favorite Blog
I really enjoy good writing, blog related post from various author, but most of the day there are several blogs that I will always check on just to make sure they have update their blog because I’m just a fan, haha. 
They are : Talkative with her fun book review session, and also some tips for blogger (I began to read more young adult novel because of her), Erin Azmir for her beauty tips (where I began to learn how to take care of my skin, maklumlah sebelum ni semberono seja) and Meredith for her indie writing that I cant explain how actually I love to read her blog post – its just art. Hehe. 
4. Using Disqus
I’m actually familiar with Disqus and Intense Debate before, because I used to think it look good on blog, but I stopped using it because I feel it was not user friendly enough. So this actually was my second chance giving to Disqus and tbh am really fascinate by how friendly they are now. Before, it just cant work properly on your sites. Hmpph. 
5. My Fave Videos of 2016

So thats all the update I can think of. Next week lets strive for a proper ending of last 2016 week. 
How you hanging out there so far mate?