Movie Motivation

I’m the kind of girl who when it comes to watch movies like to pull out its value. It all began while I was in Form 4 back on the school.
Our school invited one science teacher to motivate us that we can do better in our science performance as well as in our exam paper.
I really enjoy his motivation session because it had been conducted in full of manner and knowledge. He also arrange his presentation using Kung Fu Panda movie as an inspiration.

This quote just make me wanna cry.

You must have seen KFP right? He played the movie and after 10mins simultaneously he will paused and do some activities or simply pulls out good value that we the student need to learn and apply in our daily life.

The session really affected my way of thinking. Both from the presentator and also the movie. Since that day, I have this habit to pull out valuable things that I can get from every movie I watch except horror story. Lols. I watch them only for fun.
Instead of KFP I had these three movies that really affected my way of thinking and striving for success: –
1. Meet The Robinsons (2007)
One of the biggest influence was this quote:
2. Matilda (1996)
One of the best thing about being a bookworm is to have that psychic power. I’ve been researching this thing on my own way since then but never managed to put experiment on it, so it remains pause till now. 
Since I watch this movie, my love towards book become thicken. 
3. Magic In The Mirror (1996)
This are the movie where fairy tales comes true and my mind have been injected with this kind of fairy tales. The duck, the queen, the magic berries. I dont know what it for but I like the idea where you can travel into a mirror. Haha. My childhood is weird, yeah I know it, and its awesome. 

What your biggest influence movies?