Book Review | A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness & The Martian Ambassador by Alan K.Baker

May Allah blessed you guys in whatever you doin. Its been a hectic weeks, and I manage to update just a lil bit. I’ve been MC for couple of day due to fever and cough ( I believe it was passed through my workmate) but now alhamdulillah I’m back. 
On the past week I manage to complete my reading on two books. The first is A Monster Calls and The Martian Ambassador. Since I’ve only got a little thing to share about these two books then why not compile it altogether in one post right? Pheww seriously 2016 is the year where I’ve been spending more times in reading books, must be influenced by Fatina blog. Haha. 

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

  • I’ve been buying and complete reading the book on the same day. 
  • It has a very nice plot, a kind of book that easy to digest.
  • The theme was more into drama, mystery and horror.
  • It have many values from various ways of thinking, 
  • Its been an extraordinary sad stories goes along with feeding your curiousity as you began to wonder what will happen next (trust me, your curiousity growing deeper as the page flip)
  • I’ll rated : ★★★★☆  

The Martian Ambassador by Alan K. Baker

  • Honestly I’ve enjoying reading mystery book and this book unexpectedly one of them.
  • Well, its kind of Sherlock Holmes mode only with the existence of fellow Martian among us.
  • It been a mystery, thriller and fantasy theme of book. 
  • I love how the main character playing their roles. 
  • The book also have the first chapter to the next Blackwood & Harrington mystery sequels which I’m looking forward to read also.
  • My rating : ★★★★☆  

Next to be reviewed : A Cuckoos Calling by Robert Galbraith.

You know everytime I step into bookstore, I got my eyes on Harry Potter completed books series. But then I think, the price is so high and I’ve already watch countless marathon of HP’s movies. But i still love to have the complete series tho. Hmm perhaps other time.

Lets make money first. Haha. Till then good bye.