Assalamualaikum wbt,
I’ve been spending my time thinking that the another week will be less busy than this, but nahh its not gonna happen. Actually each week of each month gonna have their own struggle to be sweep out before its due. Sigh. 🙁
So, whilst im juggling my head with the next list on what to do, lets not forget that I have a blog to update.
I’m not really good expressing things toward others. What can you expect from the only child of a family? Introverting herself right? Well, that is me unfortunately. The reason why I love being in business first of it is we get to know people, but then I realize I actually like to provide them with materialistic thingy which can be attain in hand and be seen by naked eyes. One other thing which is my favorite part in business area is problem solving. The only thing I cant solve is inspiring other, hello I’m just a blog’s writer how can I be possible inspires other? Sigh.  
I love to do something which I can control and not depending by what other think of. What I hate the most, is when I know something but I cant explain to another people. I cant express my feelings on that situation which I encounter to others. 
Such when a friend of mine, a good friend when she does a slightly mistakes I dont know how to tell them the proper way, but I know that I need to advice them – argh this is so frustrating when you have a bunch of human resources to manage. Like I said before, I’m an introvert and I’m good only managing myself, not others. Haha. 
But live must go on right? I will someday learn how to express my feeling. That is why I have this what to read books to understand myself so I can understand other. A girl of theory? Be it, as long that I improve. :3

The only thing I’m running off is time. Tick tock tick tock. 
Till then fellas, dont let yourself diselubungi frustration. 😛