Tips on Keep Your Blog Updates | Draft Posting Flow

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Lately, I have been taking blogging seriously. I began to updating any post at any categories as long that I posted something in my blog weekly. To be honest, I am kind of proud of myself cause tho I’ve seen broken english grammar everywhere in this blog but I do progress. I have achieved my weekly goal *my goal in a week I’ll update two to three blog post*. Guess what? I did it! Maybe for 3 weeks already.
The thing is, while blogwalking the most common, top and first of their blog post are ‘lama tak update..‘, ‘i dont know what to update‘, ‘fuuh fuuh bersarang dah blog ni‘ and further with several apology for their non-existent or not updating any blog post. Its not a crime tho since I do have the same kind of blog post before. Cause at that time I really feel its somewhat cool. But I never post like that again since I know no one will really cares. 

People read your blog for two reasons :
1. To solve their problem
2. To entertain themselves

Till I heard this interview session in radio, about Bunda Nor, author of the drama ‘Seteguh Kasih Ramadan’, airing every weekdays at 4.15pm. Shes also the writer of bestseller books such as Pujuklah Hati and Be Cool.
She said that she’s not the kind of a writer who sat in front of laptop and wait for ideas to naturally comes in, she’s kind of writer who whenever her ideas comes, doesnt matter what place or event she was in, she’ll promptly WRITE *not jotted* it down. Even if its means shes gonna type the whole stories in her smartphones – she found herself write a short stories (2000 words) in her smartphones.
She also stated that her daily life inspires in her writing. All the things she writes are related either directly or  indirectly with her own experience. That is why her stories have intimate bond to their readers – I never read her books, but I do hear the radio drama which I mentioned before. It was very deep and menyentuh ruang hati yang paling dalam. Makes you wanna cries cause its full of nasihat and kesentapan bab-bab hati nurani.
Therefore, by taken her habits as an example, here is how I manage to disciplined myself posting two-three posts a week.
1. Whenever I have an ideas or something in my mind like a glimpse of what I do today, or nostalgic from the past I quickly WRITES it down. I have download severals apps that can save my writing *since I always grab my smartphones, lets make it useful eh*.
I used Microsoft Words Official for Android also Blogger official apps itself as a platform to write it everything in mind at that time. 

2. From the ideas, I elaborate and make sure I do not nagging too much and covers all the main point in the post. 

Winston S. Churchill — ‘A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.’

3. I save it as a draft. Usually I have my draft ready three to four days before I post it. The reason why I save it as draft and not jump directly to publish it, because sometimes I may writes my post at midnight, so I know that maybe it’ll not comes keenly in writing therefore I save it as a draft so I can edit it later.  Remember : when you write, it doesnt have to be perfect at that time, you can always edit it later since its a ‘draft’. That are the reason why establish ‘draft’ for blogs, did you know that it wasnt there before? Hehe. 
4. Publish Time! I usually post on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I’ll review and edit my former draft and make sure all the nice stuff are there and hit the ‘Publish’ button. 
Hence, to reach my audience… I’ll tell you next time. 
Thats for now. See ya later. Muchas gracias cos read till the end.