3 Life Lesson on How Vlogger Go Viral Taught Me About Life & Business

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I have a friend that love to read about background stories of a largest companies such as Facebook, Google, Minecraft, Clash Of Clan, Apple and many more that I cannot recall. Thru my friend I found useful and inspiring stories on how these large companies getting thru the up and down of their entrepreneurship. One thing for sure, we may know one of their success story but less of their one thousand and a million or billion more fail stories. 
Today, what inspires me is this games.

So, yesterday me wondering around on Google Play then stumbled into this thingy. Me try to get that one game that have the fun, cute, easy to play criteria. And I think I found one. Which is the Vlogger Go Viral  (VGV) clicker game.

The games main objective is to post videos that are trending to gain visitors per second, with these visitors the player gain views. With this views, player can buy Room Upgrade and Marketing Channel to increase visitors per seconds. And also there are few achievements to be collect, task to be completed, as well as bonus and obstacle that may be slower the rate of views gaining. 

So Im not gonna write about the developer sebab hari ni guer hanya akan fokus on what this game ajarin gue tentang kehidupan *I talk javanese sometimes cause I watch drama a lot*. But I’m still Malaysian tho. Lols. In case you curious to check out the developer, its [here].
Lesson No #1 The Video Making
To make a video it will take 60.00 minutes to complete research, recording and also editing. We can fasten the rate by tapping the screen continuously. (This gonna be our struggle)

Improving our quality of life had been a struggle for us since the beginning of our life. Early our childhood we struggle to go to school, have a great grade to passed exam, entering to university, still struggling in study to passed examination so that we are promised to get a great job. But what happen next?
Let say after graduate, we found our job, but we are still struggling to improve our quality of life. Some of us are still struggling to find job. Yet, another thing to consider is semakin banyak $$ yang kita jana semakin tinggi komitmen yang kita perlukan.
Its mean here, if we need to improve our life we need to be good at what we at, and to be good on what we at it will take time, IT WILL ALWAYS GONNA TAKE TIME.  

only photographers GF will understand πŸ˜€
Posted by Ahmed Eliwa on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

(If you have time watching this video, pay attention to the lightning guy *at when he screams*)

Lesson No #2  Marketing

In this games, marketing advertising such as appear in magazine, cross-promotion, hiring PR person, its all gonna be purchase by views you gaining. In exchange, it will add viewer per second to your vlog. 
Nampak tak permainan perjanaan incomenya? 
I”ve been in a business at Borneo T-shirt more than one year experience, long enough to see and witness how this company grow from small into big area spaces, establish another branch, add more people into the team, splitting department to make a bigger revenue for the industries. And all of these happens because more people we dealing it, the more people will know us, the more people will trust us, and the more people will trust us/recommend to deal with.
As for marketing, the bigger/famous we are, the higher it costs to make marketing especially social media one. But as business people, getting shouted out in social media is crucial. The benefits must be taken seriously, so that it can generate more income, of course by getting more and more people know what kind of services we are giving.

Every actions has reaction – Newtons Third Law

Setiap apa yang kita laburkan pasti ada timbang taranya.

Lesson No #3 Upgrading & Narcissistic 

All the Vlog thingy starts from bedroom *or in this games, a professional spaces for vlogger).

So when we are upgrading our facilities, engage with new things around it, and at the same time getting famous, people really and really want to know about you more.
Then a narcissistic behavior cannot be avoid. Just considers its a lifestyle, maybe its just another way on how people want to believe that you really a human too – of course as a vlog, as a human especially, we also need to sleep, eat, go to work etc, where do we find all that time to vlog? What do we do in our life instead of vlogging? Here, is the art of engaging with people. 

Once, a coach in business that I know, tell me that if you want to do marketing, then do personal space market. What exactly is a personal space market? Basically is how you engage with people. 
Contohnya; as a company that provide printing tshirt services we have our own supplier, and to tell you, there are several supplier yang sangat-sangat menjaga clientnya. Once in 6 months, mereka mesti datang punya lawat kedai, duduk-duduk kejap, tengok keadaan kedai macamana, tanya macamana servis yang mereka berikan ok ka tidak, recommend ways to improve our servis etc – to tell you, kalaulah orang begini, FULLY A PERSON, who drink, drive, eat, living their lives instead of working are visiting you. Kenapa anda tidak akan percayakan nya dalam memenuhi permintaan tempahan anda? *a word to think*.

Extra Lesson No #4 System & Teamwork

Bersatu teguh bercerainya roboh.

Kesimpulannya, menggabungkan lesson no #1, no #2 dan no #3, maka dapatlah kita menaikan nilai viewers per second kita – in the game. 
Bayangkan setiap lesson adalah sebuah department, yang mempunyai pengurusnya sendiri, berapa kira-kiranya nilai income kita? 

β€œThe strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” Phil Jackson, American retired professional basketball coach and former player.

Do you have something in mind *that games that values you the most*? Well, I would like to know. πŸ˜€ tell me more on the comment below.

Chao eberbodeh.

Download Vlogger Go Viral [here]