With The Manuk Tarabang Clothing

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Who Am I?

Well, that work just fine to break the ice. *What ice? :3
So, here I am after weeks of not updating any, so again today what I’ll putting here is another photography job of mine where Im shoot bunch of people for Manuk Tarabang Clothing – its a clothing brand featuring parody design of Sabahan Lifestyle (My description towards MTC always differ one time to another, and I dont even know why? :3

So, kita layan teruslah kan?

One of my fave photog featuring my colleague Hasni, *did I just said I know these people? Yeah, I know them so that is why this shot are ohsem. 

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Bebeh is baby, babe, sumandak olumis nokopio (you are beautiful girl! – in Dusun) 

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Tarabang dulu kita kio. *Tarabang basically terbang in malay, tarabang is bahasa pasar Sabah.

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Not much to comment here unless u have that one friend..

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So that its, for now, hover [here] to go to my IG to find all the juicy and everything nice stuff. I’m totally in love how keen is IG UI now. Oh ya, another thing is I have establish new IG to niche my passion in photography. Follow @myo.so.tis [here] because about cats everything nice. Oh please do, I need your support! *ayat pancing, hehe.  

English ku dipengaruhi dengan gaya-gaya komik, speaking about comics, have you ever try Tapastic? Its really a great source of all nice things about comics, its free and some of them are premium, well check it out for yourselves, Imma not taking responsibility if any spoilers spit out.

I need to strengthen my writings, and so I have a lots of book to read up. InsyaAllah soon it will be worth the journey. 

So, toddles then, Happy Harvest day for Sabah, yeayy cutiii! Another fave day of the year.