3 Things That I Actually Stalk in A Blog

Are you a stalkers? Cause I am. Lols but in a good way I may recap. Why? Because I learn so much by being a stalker, its like learning what actually had been written for you in a very intimate way. Note that most of the content in a blog can be access publicly, as we (the bloggers) opened so much way to let ourselves be known. Hence, my way on how to be intimately learning other blogger life in a easy way – is by stalking.


[pursue or approach stealthily]

The content

If I truly grabbed by a blog content, I’ll stalk their other posts too. You must be recognize that ‘other related post section’ below on a post and that archive on the sidebar. It really help me along on my stalking routine. I realize this work in two ways, first of it, if the post happen to be not into my liking (which sometimes happen based on individual interest), I’ll stroll their other post that may be the things that I can relate about and giving feedback.

The other way round, was if the post content itself are very useful and really related to what I actually have interest of I’ll stalk their other post that fall into the same point of interest.

The about me pages

This one is a win, I actually learning a lot of that blogger life just by stealthy reading this (tho it may show on their stats that someone had stalking their about me pages). I learn lot about their background and some I learn extra goody that actually brings benefit to me too.

Like I’ve been stalking into Rasya & Fatina blogs that they are member of NetGalley so I found myself drown into curiosity about what actually a netgalley was? As far that I’m concern, its a platform for books publisher telling the bookish world (publisher, reader, book blogger, book reviewer etc) that they have a gem of books on their side.

They are giving the opportunity for the bookish world tell their (or the) world about the gem. What can be helpful more for an author/book publisher than a words of mouth?

Fun Facts : Ever wonder why in Goodreads where there is this one unreleased book but its already have ratings and review? – NetGalley it is. And other things like Wattpad etc.

How powerful  a words can be right? Either saying the books worth the read or not and it can change the world in a blink of an eye.

Their niche (mostly had been put in a tab)

I am a book blogger of course I’ll drown myself towards bookish thingy. LOLs, but that does not meant I dont fancy myself with other niche. I read diverse type of blog across the internet, and my fave will be the lifestyle and some also have influence me in beauty thingy, haha. I learn other blogger personal life by looking at their blogging niche – that makes sense right?

I may have written this somewhere on my blog but it is always cool to refresh some of it so the spirit will forever awaken.

Please do concern about the things that you shar, like where you live, your account number may not be a thing that you want to tell others (especially putting it on a blog) cause an obsess stalking can go wrong – do be careful then in leaking your information.

What do you stalk in the last blog that you visit lately? 😀