A Simple Act of Kindness : A Stranger Smile

I was on my daily routine that day where I should deposit our company cash into a local bank. The morning set on a sunny day, it even strange how the sun can be so sweat breaking at 9 o’clock in the morning. My throat began to tickle in requiring something to drink.

Depositing the cash was not that hard, I just need to park my car nearby and waiting for a few people who already in line on the deposit machine, inserting the cash and mission accomplished. 

So then, I feel determined to stop by into the convenient store next door for a quick refreshment. As I have deposited the cash, I saw this man, who sits in front of the store with his old and dusty black shirt holding a transparent plastic cup with few of one ringgit notes. He hold it slightly higher as he saw me about entering the store, clearly I realize there is not much teeth left on his smile. Poor man he is, with all the hot weather and absence of money to buy food. But instead, I smiled back and get through into the store front door.

He reminds me of a young boy beggar I stumble several weeks ago in a supermarket. The setting was almost the same only without the transparent cup, sunny day and this boy stood up infront of the supermarket door and began to beg me with his hand “Sister, do you have some money so that I can buy some food?”.  I remember looking at his dirty hand covered in dust. I can’t bear to look into his eyes for a reason that I did not understand.  At that time I choose to walk away. 

I truly am missing something here, I should have to do some important things that I should have done long time ago, I fold some of my leftover notes in an exchange with my drinks, I put the notes hurriedly into that transparent cup the man holding as Im afraid my mind will be shifted.

He got a little shocked realizing how much I gave him and he quickly phrases “Thank Allah, may Allah blessed you sister”. All I can ever think is may Allah give him an abundance of sustenance and may Allah forgive me for walked away from that child beggar I meet before. 

Clearly solid how God remind us that some of our sustenance was not only meant for us, it can be meant to be for others too. That is how God takes care of His creations.

Tiada yang engkau punya
Semuanya Allah punya