Well, who does reading anyway nowadays?

Jesteru sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang membudayakan pembacaan di masa-masa terluang maka saya sambut tagar ini dengan rasa kegembiraan yang melambung tinggi.

I dont know how will others do their list, but for me, if the story is gripping so much or whether someone asking for recommendations, these were the books that often comes into my mind. Or just simply the book that I’ll get through over and over again while on my reading slump.

Sorry about the rojak thingy today, but today is a special day, so lets go for it!

10 Buku Kegemaran Saya

1. Rasul Mulia, Akhlak Mulia, Ummat Mulia by Muhammad Noor

Non Fiction : Religious

I get them on my 16th birthday I guess, and just read it like after 3 years in bookshelves when at that time I’ve got myself so heartbroken and clueless about what will happen next. I used to be someone who likes to question everything about my culture and religion, I mean why we must do that or that and what the reason? Its just my curiosity was way too much.

Lets say I decided to put an end to that with learning what I should learn long ago – stop questioning and researching. While reading this book I may not learn everything but I do learn the fundamental to start being a better muslim.

This book simplifies the recording life of ulama and things that we can take an example with based on Quran and Sunnah. A very light book and straight to the point and the most important thing it has the reference.

2. Bits of Heaven by Aishah Madidiy

Fiction: Contemporary, Journalism, Religious

Since I read this book I decided to sharpen my english writing starting with my blog. That does not mean that I didnt proud of my origin language but I simply inspire by how the words can touch so many people (that does not mean I can speak in english well in real life too).

I’ve read her blog (sadly cant provide the link because I think she deleted her blog account) about how author sharpens their skills, she said that not everyone realizes but author read-a-lot too. And if you are wondering how do I found all the words written here, it must be because I took that advise a little more serious (by being a book blogger) and also I need to read more (cause at the end of this blog I certainly feel that I’ve got so many grammar mistakes somewhere )

3. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Fiction: Dystopian, crime, young adult

If there is another author who asks me for a good reference in building a character and improving emotion link towards the character than this is the book. I mean I scream every end chapter on how grabbing this story plot was. Its like, all the obstacle comes into you like a raining of a meteor and you be like that person who-ACCEPT-IT-ALL-FOR-GOD-SAKE. Tough life, really .

I tell you that the main character in here is just so strong and stone-heart. I feel like I want to be beside her every second and cheer her up. She has a terrible life in a dystopian world.

4. The Kite Runner by Khaleed Hussein

Fiction: Contemporary, culture, family

Well, who doesnt like this masterpiece? I have trouble in making through the several beginning chapters but finally, catch up with the beat only to tear my heart apart at the end. Its life guys, things just work like that and sometimes if we cant prevent it, we need to heal it. And its a loongggg journey that claim a lot of sacrifices.

5. The History of Hillary Hambrushina by Melanie Lamb

Fiction: Contemporary, self finding

Also a bit same with The Kite Runner but not as details as those. I nearly DNF this book but for some reason, I continue to read it and then boom! I cried on the corner of my bed in the middle of the night thinking how this book resembles me (and how good it was).

The struggle to fit in, being left alone because everyone thinks you are freak. Well, a bit overdramatic but you get the main idea. This book was focused on building your self after failing too hard when you expected to be good.

6. Warcross by Marie Lu

Fiction: Sci Fi, Crime, Con, Hacker, Heist, YA

Ahh books and games? How well this two blend with each other? I enjoy a game playthrough which has a rich story content but what I really enjoy the most is when a sci fi games been cramped into a book where I can read, bring along into coffee shop or simply make a creative photo out of it (yeah we devour our book so much like that) just because it is a book!

If you are a blogger and a gamer (like me I guess) then this book is definitely your thing. Thank God Marie Lu had that background in games industrial and does not neglect that some people do enjoy stories in games. but this time, a game that been converted into story ~ and that other delicious thing to look forward into.

Read Warcross Excerpt here.

7. A Court Of Mist & Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Fiction: YA, High Fantasy, Romantic

Think im gonna passed my fave plot twist book? No no no. Haha. Well I brag a lot about this book in my blog and that including here. I guess I’ll jump into the main reason why I recommend so much about this book.

THE PLOT TWIST of course. It was a trilogy, and you cant expect too much from the first book. This trilogy change so much my perspective towards the continuations of another sequel. You really CANT EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM THE FIRST BOOK. It may differ twist on the next book (yeah like putting your heart in blender kinda feel).

8. Hotel for the Lost by Suzanne Young

Fiction: Paranormal, Mystery

I was charmed on how this book was written, I was totally immersed by the plot, it was just so intimate, so relate. I could not stand that when the main character found the terrible truth behind all of it. Its a paranormal genre book, so someone gonna played the ghost part, right? It was just soooo heartbreaking. 😭

My two cents on how this story end was both heartbroken but also heartwarming. It was a bitter ending but for the right reason. No words can explain how powerful this book does to my emotion.

9. The Teen Guide’s to Social Media & Mobile Devices by Jonathan McKee

Non Fiction: Social Guide

I picked this book cause I was totally aware of how nowadays tech consumes most of my socialization between people. This book really expresses my concern especially towards myself and how my future children gonna be. How can they survive in the real world if they have a mom who is attached to the devices all the time? And this thought makes me so down.

Reading this is like reading something that you already know the consequences but had been buried inside yourself so deep that you neglect the issues, you feel it was unimportant until this very book raise it. This was a perspective changing book as I glad to choose it in the first place.

10. The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

Fiction: Paranormal, mystery solving, culture

It was a light reading, it does not have to push your brain too much about the plot cause it was rather straightforward. Its also have a little bit of riddle and mystery that will feed your curiosity at a correct amount. There are also thrill in every Li Lan journey and I’ve been with her in her glorious and sadness moment (I love this girl despite how innocent and stupid she was) but she deserves someone to be loved. Hail yeah to the all sweet girls of the world. Woman power!

Have you made your list yet? Oh please share the link below so everyone know. <3 <3