Wrapping Up November

Here I am thinking and planning on what else I can update my blog with and woahh Im really shock how times flies so fast. We are already at the end months of 2017, well whatdayou know.

November had been the very fastest month of the year (well actually happen to every month) but I have some good memories on it and I would be more than happy to share it with my reader


Alhamdulillah, this November I’ve been put once againt to be director of Kursus Usahawan Cetak Tshirt (KUCT) that had been held on last 18&19 of Nov. Although the participant was not at my expectation level but Alhamdulillah I can say it was a success.

At the same time, our company local branding department joining as a vendor in Tamu Gadang UMS, and it was superb!


I’ve been reading after the Tamu Gadang event there are some vendors who complaints that the Tamu Gadang event does not generate sales as they are expect (comparing last year record). In my humble opinion, there are slight changes between last year and this year sales, therefore the facts that when the Tamu Gadang taking places on a date without $$ also effects the sales. Im a bit sorry for the vendors who dont achieve their ROI. 🙁

And as we moving on, I finally have taken job to shoot some convocation pictures of my friends (I really hope they like it as much as I do). Alhamdulillah.

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Also, I’m attending my schoolmate wedding reception and she looks gorgeous!

Books I Read

I just finished Percy Jackson’s series. It was a casual reading, although with all the gods and demon, it was a light book to read, means I didnt have to cramp my head on a thing that I want to understand. Heroes of Olympus (the sequel) need to be wait cause I’m working on my yearly goals. Argh its already December and I need to work fast!

Movie I Watch

Justice League – ★★★✩✩

Pengabdi Setan – ★★★★✩

What I Hear The Most on November