Movie Review : Pengabdi Setan (Satan’s Slaves)

Obviously, this is a horror movie. And what will you expect from a horror movie? Of course the thrill and chilling moment. And this one, is a MUST WATCH movie for every horror fan out there!

What is Satan’s Slaves all about?

After dying from a strange illness that she suffered for 3 years, a mother returns home to pick up her children.

Err just by reading the short description bring chills to my bone. Grr.

The Plot

If you are craving for that thrilling effect, then this is the great movie for you. The chill start on first 15 minutes of the movie, and for me its always a good sign. The plot development a bit mysterious for me because the end (of course) leaving the audience in cliff hanging. But I promise you this, chilling and heart dubdabing moment in every 10 minutes interval. Horror craving satisfied guaranteed.

The Characters

For me, all the characters play their roles and I really drowned on their characters. So I have no objections on their roles.

Friendly reminder : If you paying the movie for RM8 and above, please do not close/cover your eyes. Value your money and hold your tongue. Hehe. But I also have a hard time to not close my eyes, but I need to witness every details cause I was afraid if I left something out. :3

Why you need to watch it?

Even though it has a cliff hanging end, and absences of plot twist, this movie is a much watch and I recommend for a leisure evening. It also been labelled as PG, there are one to two blood scene but mostly its just a dubdabing scene that put your seat on the edge. I stressed a bit watching this movies because the thrill sensation is just too exhausted to wait, like the scene when its already night and you already know that there will be an appearance any moment now but you just got yourself cramped and ready for the ‘surprises’. It exhausted to wait the ghost you know! Cause you never know at which second or way it will make its appearance.

My Rating

★★★★✩ (For the cliff hanging part)