3 Books That Help to Heal Through Hard Times

I was talking about how good about these three books a lot in my bookstagram and when it comes to this day that I decide to make a blog post about this. Pardon for my delayed writing ideas, there is no other way than to polish it more than writing it.

There is no one in this world that think so ill about ourselves more than our own self. That was the quotes that keep replaying in my head, im just a very overthinking person, I care about my feeling all day long. Till this time that I know that I’m just being selfish to myself.

I have that day when I fall so hard, well, my first encounter with depression was on my secondary school, you can read it here (a malay version) that I posted on my Facebook :

Then the other time it struck me is last year. Well I just take something for granted and it does not turned into what am I expecting with, hence the depression struck again. Alhamdulillah, at that time I’m an avid reader and thanks to that I found healing through reading. The kind of words that you recently felt but never said it out loud, the proof that you are not alone and there are also other who get through the same phase and surprisingly, succeed.

The Storyteller Secrets by Carmine Gallo

I always wanted to tell a story and I do enjoy reading some zero to hero story because it always left us with rays of hope. And nonfiction always is my slow reading materials, I got this book like a few months back and at my hard time, this book was actually lifting whatever hopes left inside me. Let me show you some of the powerful words :

I read this a thousand times, that its okay if something falling, least I still have what I have to start a new.

This book have so much positives vibes, not only to give you reason to be happy although the world seems to be so against you but it also have that call to action urgency that makes you saying to yourself “you’ve got this! You still havent lost anything! You’ve got this!”

And yeah, I’ve got it. I learn to accept everything that I am, the failure, but also the one who doesnt give up easily.

Translated: Its Easy To Invite Sustances by Fathuri Salehuddin, this actually was a really good book. Its full of basic and simple things and make you believe whenever you are doing anything for the sake of Allah, good things will always come to you. Sometimes when we (me especially) experience difficulties, sometimes we ask what bad things we are doing to receive such punishment? But there is always reason underneath every tear and yeah difficulties and obstacles thought us things that could not be learned in any other possibles ways. For that, lets all thank Allah. Alhamdulillah.

The Atomic Habit by James Clear

This was gems in every words, the most basic things on how to change habits atom by atom. People have hard time to stick into new routines but this book was the opposite of that, it show how easy it was to start a new habit without the pressure to stick with it so much, we change a tiny things in our life and the rest will follow. We only need one percent at a time, just enough increment to not say no to.

That was all the three books that giving a big impact through my mental health, and I’m fully grateful that I choose book to wipes away the negativity inside me, have you read any of these books and what do you think about it? Are we on the same boat?

QOTD : What books that heal you? Please share below, I would love to know <3