If Its Not Too Late For April Wrap Up

Since I’ve been in hiatus for like a week, I feel the need to loosen up my brain muscle a lil bit by writing. He he. Lets see… (digging into my mind using diamond pickaxe)



I’ve been watching The Teenage Psychic last episode on 30 April, and since I’ve been going out that day from 7.30am till 8pm I was like catching a flu and watching two final heartbreaking waterfall till swollen eyes episode turned out I have fever the day after. Haha, not to mentioned how my swollen eyes looks like, I look like a baloons.

The final episode for The Teenage Psychic was heart ripping and tears flowing. The main character died oh my, even before their first date. It was sooo sad :'(.

I also have watched Guardian of The Galaxy Vol 2, and oh my, seeing it with friends was more fun than seeing it alone. The plot was okay albeit the humor senses a lil bit lame, it was cliche jokes. People laugh so I just laugh then, embracing the moment in the cinema only if I dont go to toilet like severals times because of my flu and god the cinema just way too cold.

Since i’m not really a movie person, last week I’ve been stumbled on a chinese fantasy online episode on You Tube so I give a try for the first episode and now I’m officially addicted. The story (Fighters of The Destiny) was about Chen Chan Seng (Luhan), a taoist orphan who actually have magical blood but struggle to find cure for his life or he will die before twenty years old. So then he embark the journey to change his destiny where he met friends and accidentally making new enemies and he met with his saintliness fiancee. Wonder how he can survive then lets watch the first episode here:



Ahh, sorry havent read any books lately due to the hectic and flu struggling. But I have pre ordered my copy of ACOWAR, Perfect and also Defy The Stars and I cant wait to receive my parcel soon. 😀 I’ve been ordering ACOWAR from BookaliciousMy. Perfect (Cecelia Ahern) and Defy The Stars (Claudia Gray) i’ve been ordering from book depository since I read Rasya post about the online bookstore. And here I am still waiting my order from 9 days ago (eta in 10-14 of business day). Haha, sadly in Sabah all the books are releasing late on the book stores, tho Siqah have mentioned to me that Perfect was already available ahh imma too sad does not get it on the local bookstore. Isnt there enough book lover already on Sabah? Why Popular whyyy???


Ahh blogging. Lewls. I have been tag by Afifah, Farahz and also Fatina but im not answering the tag yet. Can I combine it in a post? Huhu.


Im chuckle a bit while writing this paragraph header cause lately I found myself drown more towards feminine side of me. I am not a girl who actually put so many things on my face but I was been told that I have a dehydrated skin thus I must find a way to save my poor skin. Luckily I have a friend who actually aware on nowaday beauty products then she suggest me several products that may be good on my skins.

For this month I’ve bought myself a Silkygirl BB Cushion and Bio Essence Miracle Water. I should find myself a moisturize to help in maintaining a hydrating skin.

I think thats the wrap up for April. There is so much more things happen on this lovely month, but I may write a whole novel for that. That is that. Its time for blogwalk.