3 Childish Reason Why You Need to Read Pucca : What’s Yours is Mine

Urgh, imma a bit frustating cause this comic does not include in Goodreads books list, I should have finish with 1/4 of my yearly goal but now im stuck with Traveler. Lols, wonder what kind of hectic level I should face tomorrow. However my friends, lets not stop to have a yummilicious review from this story here.

If you can reckon I’ve been mentioning this comic quite a number especially on My Top 3 Favourite Tapastic Comic. Cause girl (and boy), Imma a great fan of Pucca, I meant my parents know how I love to watch pucca and buy some stuff that have Pucca faces on its cover, thats make me a great fan of Pucca right? *wink*

Yeah I admit it imma not a romantic girl or love to read some romance books but I am a girl, I do have that feel to be loved, to be wanted etc (inner self : shut up eyqa!). Im not a fan of spoiler so these is spoiler free indeed. 😀

  • Cause it was a love story

Isnt it obvious? Its a triangle love story and I love both of the guys character. And Pucca, ever since I watch the cartoon I just know that this girl really deserve to be love, she deserve a good guy and while that happen I love to see her and Garu together. But puff! A third person just appear, and who? Oh no, its Garu’s worst enemy! Now… Isnt that a romantic thrill? *blushing* now you know im suck in defining romance. haha. 

  • The plot

It was a fine and awesome piece of art I tell you, the plot was just fairy tale. You have this characters from your childhood all grown up and ready to face the cruel world about love and vengeance. What can be better?

It was all start with Tobe wanna get his revenge on Garu, so he put a spells on Garu & Pucca so puff! A new beginning start. Pucca fall in love spell with Tobe and Garu got his heart break. Now we all may predict that Tobe was always the bad guys, just wait till you read the entire comics. I may fall in love with both of Tobe & Garu, and you can trust me I dont fall in love so easily. These guys are rocks. Haha.

It was not a just another love story, it was a mastery tailored love story where you can have a heart break and switch into butterfly stomach in a blink of an eye. Oh oh, there are also action, parenthood and friendships to shooing the boredom.

  • Its a finished story!

What could have been better than a finished love comic story? Ugh, I know the waiting is so exhausting, I’ve used to wait for the next episode like one to three weeks according to the author availability in uploading the next episode.

There I can have myself relief that the heart torturing day had finally end, I hate to wait about something I wanna see the most. Its finished at last! And its got prequel! 



Did you watch Pucca too?