Four Categories of Books That I Love to Bookromance About

2016 was the year where I began to be a bookworm again, and thanks to all my best bookish blogger forever for being a part of my bookromance. As the time passes, I began to realize there are things that I like and I dont like while reading a book, some of them just too dull and some of them were beyond imagination, kind of mastermind plot which I have hard time to move on with. Well here are the list of types that I like and dislike within a book. Funny how book can really effects your mood though.

1. Mystery
Since watching Detective Conan cartoon, I began to obsess with mystery kind of thingy. I started to signed myself on Sleuth Online where you’ll be given this task to reveal the real doer, I have a huge collection of Sherlock Holmes where I dont really read the entire books because the words used was so typically classical, I watched tons of detective stories from chinese series such Justice Bao, and that one series about a man who become paramedic just by accidentally working in morgue and been forced to investigate his master dead.
Im just getting serious learning on that investigation skills but end up being a graphic designer. Bahaha.

Okay back to book story, I enjoy those mystery things with a catchy and tearing heart into slices overturned. One of my best collection on ‘conceal-the-truth’ kind of book was Detective Cormoran and his sidekick, Robin series by Robert Galbraith. Its just so J.K Rowling.

2. Paranormal
I do like spooky things, and I tend to have that spooky aura whenever I go. My mom always told my friends that how much I like to watch paranormal/ghost thingy shows on tele. And my co worker will tag me dozen of ghost stories on Facebook because they already know what a fan girl I am.

Not that I keen of getting myself into spiritual world but I just love the idea of getting a goosebumps. Its the vice versa of feeling hurt tho. I rather feel spooky than drown in love story that I know will not happen in reality and be hurt by it. Im such a drama queen for overreacting towards love, but that was just kind of person I wanna be. Lols.

My all time fave about paranormal book was Hotel For The Lost & Jangan Baca Buku Ini the trilogy. I should read more spooky things books. I have trouble finding one because although the book genre was horror, its just end with a killing series not ghostly. :3

3. Fantasy
I am a girl who grown up with a Disney Childhood. So yeah, fantasy was really my things, I love Cinderella and her shoes and her prince charming, Snow White and her lovely voice and poison apple, Aurora and her true love kiss, also featuring Rapunzel, Mulan, Pocahantas, Belle and many more. 
I started to read fantasy again on end of 2016 so I can have new heroes character. I know it will consist a lots of maybe love triangle or loves one missing heart (okay im fail in expressing love) but lets just focus on the story building.
Imma a fan of ACOTAR & ACOMAF. Raise your hand fangirl! 
4. Science Fiction
I love Maze Runner movies but I havent read the books yet. Shame on me. I have this dilemma whether to buy it or not because every time I walk in into bookstore and saw that delicious yellow green Maze Runner series books I already drain out of money. Yeah, walking in into a bookstore broke was my specialty. 
I guess that was the list, on 2017 I’ll have a lot of diverse kind of reading just to discover what else out there do the world of books gives to unfold. Only to realize most of books I bought on January was 2016 bestseller. Lols. 
Lets say if you gonna recommend me a book with all the criteria above what would it be? XD
Tell me on the comment below 😄