15 Facts About Me | Lets Have A Break Day!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hello people, I dont want to look desperate but I do think that I need to spice up my post with a lil bit of joy. Such that dumb jokes everyone talking about – hmm. Or not? :3
I rather do this post on Wed but I’m eager enough to make it on Tuesday and post it later on Wed. Get it? Cause am following a very strict blogging schedules which I limit myself to have two posts updated within a day. So yeah, that is how im having this up on Wednesday. 
The main purpose of this post is about me! Yeayy, finally you’ve got the chance to know me better huh? Been challenged to up this post from Fatina, so I tot why not brace and have fun with it right? Lets do it and behooolddd~

15 Facts About Me

1. I tend to use ‘|’  symbol even on my handwriting, and some of my friends mistook it for ‘/’ symbol. I mean to use it for that ‘separating-that-this-are-not-the-same-things-thingy’. Yeah like putting it 12 April 2016 | Grand Ballroom | 8am-9pm.
2. I love reading and writing and blogging. Did I told you I’m writing because I’ve been talking so much lately? Oh yes, I did. 
3. Whenever I used the ‘I’ words to refer me I will capitalized it. 😀
4. I play DOTA 2. :3
5. Playing Video Games is also my hobbies.
6. If I have to choose between staying at home than spending my time in shopping mall doing nothing, I’ll be rather at home doing nothing. 
7. I love watching horror movies.
8. Whenever I’m awake in the morning, I’ll drink plain water before everything else. 
9. I love to eat chicken and meats rather than fish. 
10. I have a Samsung S4.
11. I have equipped myself with Sony A6000 for photography job which I’m still learning.
12. Romantics books is not my forte.
13. I rarely read magazine tho I have huge collections of ilmiah magazine that my mom brought. 
14. I am the only child of a family of three. 
15. I can stand one hour or longer in a bookshop. Cause I really likes books.

There, you get it. Now, I challenge you who have reading mine to post about 15 facts about yourselves too. 😀

Just be yourself and most of all have fun with it. Chao darl.