Travel Cronology : Laskar Pelangi Island (Belitung Island)

Belitung Island indeed is a very beautiful and welcoming place to be.


Especially when you have a specific reason to be there.

Many years before, my great and great grandfather originally came from Belitung. He had a wife there and according to my youngest granpa (my grandma younger brother), my late great grandfather travel to Sabah and get married with local here and gave birth to five children (including my grandma’s father).

Learning about our family origin history that what makes this expedition is truly memorable.

I heard before the travel that this is an island and a very beautiful one, we are not gonna stay in homestay or resort but we will be entertained by our local family member there. Our five days were packed with the schedule from visiting other family members around the island, our visits to local recreation sites, shopping and also for the climax is our anniversary celebration of the two years reunion which had been celebrated on 13 July 2018.

I found its hard to move on from this expedition as it had very deep emotions involved. May one day I can visit Belitung again, visit my family <3