My Biggest 2017 Confession or Maybe Another Random Things

Alhamdulillah cause I’ve been living in earth for 24yrs, I have face a lot of challenge but there is one thing that I not entirely understand – myself. 
Through this 24 years of living there is so much habits that make me feel that I have split personalities cause I dont understand why am I doing that things or the other things, it was just so weird and peculiar. I should live with Ms Peregrine’s on the time lapse. Ok joking, but behold then, my biggest confession on my peculiar habit:
1. English was never my forte, therefore I usually do mistakes on such spelled now with know, thing with think, ‘with’ with where and some other words that slightly have the same pronunciation but different meaning. Maybe I guess writing with urban words really effects my head not to be sync with my hand writing or the words that I type. Typo everywhere. πŸ˜…

2. Sometimes I misunderstood what other people actually said in my blog comment section, so if you ever felt that my comment does not ring you any bell, then forgive me, I must have my brain signal down. :3 Forgive me my friends. I enjoy being commented and reply other comments. 
3. Today I decide to start reading A Court of Thorn and Roses by skipping two books in between. I’m sorry to announce that poor books I skipped were Seruan Kedua and Seruan Terakhir. Sorry Ismi Fa Ismail, but the story just too slow, and I dont  feel connected with the character. Too much plot twist and I dont know what to believe anymore, there is no sparks, no curiousity, no eagerness in folding in each pages. Or am I just too distracted and not realizing it? I’ll finish your book later key. (Yeah, I have a cat dog relationship with both the novel and the author, lols)
4.  I dont read romance novel. Because obviously I’m a cry baby when it comes to something that I can most relate of – Love, and if I cry (two reason: happy or disappointing result) my head will banging so hard from the inside and I just cant bear with the pain. So, romance novel, I try my best to keep my distance from you. That is why I choose another genre aside from it, just a lil bit romance can do as long as it does not make me cry. But Faten writing on her online novel : Twist In My Sobriety was just so seducing. Its a general fiction with a spice of romance, teehee. Cant wait for next chapter. 

5. One of my best romantic-related anime was Lovely Complex. I watched it a thousand times and cries with it a thousand time more. That was the only pain I can bear, or I choose to have that pain on that time. Sometimes in life you just need to cry hard so you’ll realize that this world does not showering you with happiness always. There are things to lose and there are things to cheer up while you can.
6. Suddenly my writing turn out to be life lesson just like in #5.
7. Originally I’m writing this blog to features all the beautiful PC games that I’ve played. Cause I’ve been fascinate by all the good stories and graphics, but.. but… I have an old lappy, and whenever I play some high graphic games it will auto shut down because of overheating, already do many things to overcome it but it still over heat. So reading and babbling about how an entrepreneurs should do and should not do is all I have to offer my reader – and some crazy post to blow up your mind.

Last game with beautiful graphic I played on my lappy was Life Is Strange – and I didnt have the chance to end it or to know how it end because of that overheating problem. πŸ˜‘ I dont wanna watch it on You Tube, I need to feel it, and that is how stubbornness stop you from logical problem solving.  

8. Thats all for Sunday! Gonna save some candies for the next post. Lols. Sorry for long random updates, but heres a potato again:

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