2017 Resolutions + Planning

I hereby, wish to all my reader
πŸŽ†Happy New YearπŸŽ†
May you have a great day! I was still on my day off before returning to work tomorrow so here’s are my planning for the whole 2017. And please pray for me you beautiful creatures of my readers. I love you all. πŸ˜€

1. Getting married. 
This is the year alhamdulillah. But I need to sort of many of things. So earlier this year I’m planning to drown myself with a lot of Islamic teaching about marriage, how to brighten up baitul muslim with Sakinnah, Mawaddah wa rahmah. Islamic teaching for children – that kind of things. I know it will be a long learning process but I need to get ready right? 
I feel that this year my blog gonna contains a lot of romantic stuff. Pfft I hope not cause it was not really my forte, maybe a bit or two will do. Haha. 
Soon in the middle of 2017 then we will start planning the big day. 6 months preparation for a simple walimah that what it takes right? 
2. Getting healthier and fitter.
Eating those chocolates and high calories food just bring me the most guilty pleasure ever. So this year I just wanna do it correctly. Its hard for me to stay on track but I must try. Those who give up before trying is already a failure right? I dont wanna be that person. 
So what am I gonna do basically 
🍲 Drink a lot of water at least 3 L per day
🍲 Minimize processed food
🍲 Take a lot of vege (I’m not a vege person and I still learning to eat it, no wonder right?)
🍲 Having fruits in between
🍲 Avoid fast food
🍲 Having only a handful serving of rice on each meals
🍲 Exercise at least 3 times a week. 
3. Planning for my company KPI each month
Basically, its just about financial planning, develop management system into the next level and provide my company with the correct tools to smooth daily challenges. 
4. 100 books reading challenges
Since I’ve been challenging myself for 100 books this year. A week according to my calculation I’ll be reading 7-8 books. Teehee. I usually spending 300$-500$ in books per month, On 2017 im gonna change all those $$$ involved into knowledge. Yeehaa.
5. Updating blogging into the next level.
I love writing. It was like you having these two different career in life. Lols. So my planning for this year on blogging areas gonna be:
πŸ–Ž Having a domain + hosting
πŸ–Ž Getting strict in updating weekly
πŸ–Ž Release three to four bombastic post. Lols
So thats what on my mind and what Imma gonna do for the next couples of months. So what are your resolution and what sort of plan you gonna do?