Mystery Boxes Giveaway By Liyana Jasmi

Mystery Boxes GiveawatEherm, have you heard the rumor? About a massive mystery boxes giveaway had been happening? Well, here is the truth! There are like 30 total items to be won! Oh my God and of course im in!

The giveaway hosted by the cutest of all miss Liyana Jasmi, and Liyana, of course, to return the favor of unboxing my own mystery boxes (its been a year right? and omg u grow so fast! and actually hosting the mystery giveaway concept right now! Can I just supercry? haha). Thank you for continuing the legacy and may the favor be with me. And also big hug and kisses thanks to Fatina of The Infinity Words for being a relying informant about this giveaway – you know I love this stuff right? 😀

So the checklist:

  1. Following Liyana Blog – Done
  2. Create Post – Shud be done after posting this 😛
  3. Putting the banner – Yeah Done
  4. Backlink to the official post – Done!
  5. Tagging three other bloggers which are : Puan Kuci, Siqahiqa & Crack Culture (Afifah)

Click the banner to join the fun guys! Good luck to all of you 😀