September & October Recap

Do you ever feel like to write so many things but time fly so fast and some other day things can get uglier and you have all the reason TO NOT UPDATED the blog? Well, obviously im stuck with that.

There have been so many things happening, from moving into a new business place, my trip to Melbourne (which I haven’t update about it yet, truly sorry about that, I think I shall put a bit of photo here), the changing role I am on our organization. Things just getting happening (not to mention weirder?) and I barely hang on to it.

❥ My Trip to Melbourne

It was a splendid trip and actually, I was thinking to post a full post about Melbourne trip but I can reach an idea to talk about what so I put it in here into like a mini post on my vacation. I also celebrate my birthday on Melbourne, and no, I didnt have a cake, I just have a hot pastry from a local cafe shop there. And the pastry was so damn good.

We are going to visit Sydney this end of November too and will be staying there a week, I think I’ll only bring my Sonya6000 with the basic lenses. Its just I like to wear my mini bag and the sonya6000 + 50mm lens totally make it a lot heavy to bring while traveling.

❥ Moving into new workspace

Its happening! Finally, we are combining our three branches together into a one printing center.

And with that too, we have minor change within the board of director roles, that settle me into the team of Advertising Department. I also manage to get the roles to manage on of our socmed (which I prefer let it be anonymous on which socmed I get – like you even care right? hehe) which I got my eyes on it for a long time now, I saw the potential and I really want to make the best out of it.

❥ I have a well-read book which is taken by Legendary (Caraval #2) by Stephanie Garber

I honestly love Tella’s perspective in this book, the storyline has been more dramatic and more action and a lot more emotion had been put into it. That creates a lot more reason why I enjoy this second book more than the one. If you’re wondering about the book I must warn you early that DO NOT READ the third book summary, because duhh, it has a major spoiler of who Legendary really was. Just dont read it okay because you’ll never enjoy the plot twist later on.

❥ Movies that I watch

◆ Munafik 2 (★★★☆☆)

I’ve been posting about this in the twitter that how it ends in an overdramatic way, and there are like tons of unanswered questions. But overall it still a good movie (but I like Satan Slaves better lols).

◆ Goosebump 2 (★★☆☆☆)

Its just have a hilarious and straightforward storyline, other than that it is just a so-so movie.

◆ The Nutcracker & The Four Realm (★★☆☆☆)

The main character is so beautiful, I love to see her cute face, and the movie has a great fantasy effect, but the storyline a bit straightforward and there is not much thing can be featured to differ it from other movies.

I think that is, for now, my most anticipated thing on this upcoming day, of course, the movie of The Crime of Grindelwald, I cant wait to see Dumbledore on his glory day. Till then my friend, have a song about our beloved Rasulullah. Salam Maulud Nabi dear friend <3.


P/s 2 : I just loooove on how interactive blogging wordpress because it makes thing a lot more easier. Instead of trying so hard in embedding the code from another side like instagram/youtube, i can do it just by copy the link and paste and walla, the post and also the video appeared magically. Thank you wordpress!