July Wrap Up

Hello there everyone, may you have a very wonderful day. I have so much fun in July but I also have to face a quite hard situation and suspects it may be the main reason why I blog slump so much. But that is life, we will get through it now or soon so what we have to lose? Life must go on and hell yah scroll this page girl!

Book Haul on July

I’ve been thinking since August is my country, Malaysia’s National Day, I shall read more local books to show my support for my beloved country author and make tons of review for local books this August! Let the local books shine across the world~

  • Membongkar Rahsia Dunia Melayu by Srikandi Al-Semantani Ibnu Rusydi (Translated: Unfold The Secret of Malay World)

To make it obvious, I really need to learn about my origin, although Im actually a Sabahan but I’m a Malay in idcard. 😛

  • Arkitek Jalanan by Teme Abdullah (Translated: Street Architect)

I heard this was a good motivational books which I dont want to missed out. I need (desperately) to boost my spirit. Good things comes after we make good things right? So I hope I’ll learn how to be good :3.

  • Legendary (Caraval #2) by Stephanie Garber

Sequel to Caraval, I remember how much I love the mini-plot twist on Legendary and how well written the plot was. I cant really guess what will happen next but the curiosity often the reason why I need to read this sequel. Who is the mastermind of all of this?

  • A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

A debut book from my fave book blogger @paperfury. She is a superb phenomenon writer and I love every bit of her writing so this IS NOT TO MISSED OUT BOOK (TRUST ME YOU REALLY NEED THIS ONE!)

  • Haruan Mendayung by Muhd Nurzharif (Translated: Snakehead Rowing)

Why do people does not fall in love with a classic cover showing people rowing in the lake? I’m just so hooked up actually both with the title and the book cover.

  • Didera Hujan by Muhd Nurzharif (Translated: Abused by rain)

Hooked because of the review. And after like reading it for a while (been staying in my current reading since the beginning of July now) I realize that this book was a kind of book that I never read before. It was a rare species and does not often a type of writing that author always used. I need to bear with it a few more chapters so I can conclude my experience with this kind of writing.

  • Remang An Anthology of Ghostly Tales edited by Daphne Lee

Uuh, a horror story made by local Malaysian and been told in english, that is so my cup of tea.

  • Wizra Kronika Nashan by Ahmad Patria

Epic high fantasy book by local bestseller. I swear I’ve known this writer somewhere until I found on my mom collection of books that this author used to be under Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. No wonder his name sound familiar. And he got his own writing style which I adore so much.

  • Keris Long Leh by Syauqie MK

Spooky reading mode activated!

P/s : No im not doing the translation for fun, its the closest translation I can find. 😛

To Be Read

I have only like nine more books to complete my reading challenge this year (ha ha ha, so tiny amount for a book blogger but mind you this is all to keep my sanity on track) therefore I decided to read way more leisure reading which will be :


July Post

Thanks to my blogging slump I manage only to post three article with a low quality of writing (I deeply apologize for that).

Travel Cronology : Laskar Pelangi Island (Belitung Island)

I’ve been lucky enough to have a visit into my long lost family in Belitung, Indonesia. I’ve concluded it with tons of pictures because of just out of word I am describing the wonderful feeling while im there. Head out to the link above to sightseeing. 😀 Belitung is such a very beautiful place especially when you have your family with you.

Fresh Roses In My Garden Need The Rain

I never knew that this would happen to me again. I got depressed, in a very torn and horrid way. I even think to take my own life, but Alhamdulillah, I shall thank Allah for His Merciful toward me, giving me good friends who always by my side and a good tarbiyah to make sure im on the right path. I’m not a girl with good words before but as a girl who believes that writing is a form of therapy, therefore I write my journey a bit on how I overcome that awful feeling.

Laini’s Homestay :  A Very Nice Place to Be

My best friend who work in KL is coming home, and as a group of five, we manage to get ourselves a mini gateway whilst his day off here. And since raya vibes is still around the corner at that times, so, eating is a must!

Song I’ve Listened

Cause im so into roses and rainy mood.

So that is it for July that I can recap. May this August bring more happiness and joyful day into our life. See you soon. <3