Fresh Roses In My Garden Need The Rain

“Jadi apa guna kami?”

How foolish I am to absorb anything with my own. So stupid and selfish of me.

Problem happen for a reason, we all aware of that right? But sometimes, just sometimes when it hit the right spot of your heart and break it apart what makes it extra painful. Even a painkiller I doubt will even work. Truly is, I have a difficult time last week and one of those morning I even think to take my own life. I know I know, but dont worry here I am, healthy and even better. I finally feel better, after those burden, and constantly I begin to feed myself with positive vibes.

I feel lucky tho to be a muslimah, where I rise performing salah and pray to Allah Almighty, without His guide I’m totally lost.

People said depression does not discriminate, and it was another form of deep sadness. When other people think that you just need your time but not even a smile can make it better. You feel self guilt, stuck in somewhere, extra foolish, extra fear of everything. Well at least I have been through that experience. And what Im gonna say about that not how to handle it but how to realize, that you still have a chance, to get out from that depression situation.

Trust In Allah – ketika kita berjalan menuju Allah, Dia sudah berlari menuju kita. Dia sangat dekat dihati yang even kita pun tak faham. Dia kan Pemilik Hati. 🙂

I also share my feeling on spaces I never shared before, and Alhamdulillah due to the respond I have some this tiny bright hope, that I can be apart from this miserable feeling. What Im trying to say, keep communicate with every person who loves you and always be on your side whenever you feel slightly away. This world does not that cruel to leave you alone. 🙂

I just write some things on here to remembering this moment. A situation that I thought will be my final battle, but the world have so much to offer and its our job to accept it pieces by pieces. At least, there are always hope. That everybody can be live into fullest whenever we feel in content and treat every problem as a tiny pieces of cakes. Expensive but edible.

Cheers. Not the least nor the last. 

P/s Have you heard songs uploaded on You Tube by Apeiron? I swear the playlist bring the feelings of staying in old bookstore reading and reading and forget about the world. Oh my. Makes me fall in love with reading all over again.