The Art of Simplicity

“People happen to be always thinking about larger things and forget that in order to make bigger things, they only need to start with smaller things.”

Deep down I strongly agree with the quote, each day as a living person we always spend our time worry on how to achieve bigger things and sometimes neglecting some small steps that if we do it constantly, eventually we will achieve that bigger things.

Lets put how to read a Juzuk of the al-Quran as an example. In order to achieve that, we need to divide a total of 20 pages of a juzuk in one day. Since as a muslim, we pray five times a day, 20 pages/5 we get four pages per each prayer. We only need to constantly read four pages in one prayer and by the end of Isyak, InsyaAllah we have complete a juzuk of Quran for the day.

I mean, its so simple right? We need to do the simplest thing on earth just to achieve the bigger things, MasyaAllah, now I realize that I’m truly am an overthinking girl. Ha ha ha. Actually that is some essence that I learned from a Writing Workshop that I attend not long ago. The reason why I attend that workshop, well, most of it because of this blog. I hate to see it unattended, leave by their undisciplined owner. Its time to get back and do some smaller step.

I have read some of blogger colleague about searching inspiration for writing. For me, since I’ve been in this area long ago, the main key of keep writing is not mainly with passion, its not only about the urgency to share our own story but its how we benefits other is the important things. But how to benefits others? That we will slowly learn, along the journey we will realize a path that we already taken but lots of people just happen to be new on that field. That where opportunity comes to shine.

And never to forget the blogging community, we are strong if we are together, never forget that. Be friends with other bloggers, inspired by them and support their writing. InsyaAllah the more we give, the more we’ll earn.

Till then, have a nice weekend everyone.

Quick Question : What would you love to see more on my blog? Books? 😀