3 Kind of Book Plot Theme Thats Gonna Be Your Next Obsession

Every person have their own preference when it comes to book. Some are very strict in picking their reading material and the rest will just go with the flow. Some books can be a very delightful reading while others can bring so much disappointment.

I also, happen to be a little bit picky when it comes to book, we all want that ‘happy ending’ right? But that is my friend, the fascinating truth about book, the story can be uncover only and only if you read the book itself. Full of surprises isnt it? How exciting :3

Some plot can be so predictable, but the true heroes here is always the unpredictable. The one that can glued you down all night burning the curiosity out of your mind, screaming inside out ‘I want more of this!’, you are addicted, you are obsessed, and that is where you have finally found the book of your live. Ever wonder why you are not a bookworm yet? Thats right, you havent found the right book that can be taunt with.

I have experience certain kind of books and some of it were really remarkable in term of plots construction, they deserve all the shout out for the writings and emotion that had been pour inside. So then, let see which of this book plot types will fall into your own cup of tea;

No Ordinary Paranormal Horror

I’m actually a really big fans when in comes to horror story. Most of my friends already know this (not because of how gothic my appearance was or so πŸ˜…) but because if it comes to movie, books or even youtube playlist, paranormal is my top priority.

But, of course, it need to comes with certain criterias. First, it should not be an ordinary story about a ghost found in the attic and go attacking or posses people and got exorcist by the priest. Really guys, who’ll buy with that kind of story nowaday? Its cliche and we need something fresh and perhaps lots and lots a little bit twist.

Have you ever read about The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo? Where the main character Li Lan journey to the dead land to search for the truth behind her family dark past. Of course it had possess and exorcist ritual but what lies after that was really not an ordinary ghost story. You see, Li Lan is the only daughter of the family and because of her background, a ghost appears on a family friend to get married with Li Lan. There is why she need to find possible way to help her family from getting involved on that matters.

Im also talking about Hotel for The Lost by Suzanne Young, a story about Audrey who found the hotel with her father and brother and soon they discover a terrible truth about the hotel. If only she had time left, and yeah, so much chilling moment on this particular book.

Plot Twist Hunter

One of the criteria that can make someone fangirling all over the books must be because of its Plot Twist.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog (ehem, thanks so much *lots of love*) you may know my fave plot twist book ever, which is ACOMAF. Its a trilogy books by Sarah J Maas, started with ACOTAR and ended with ACOWAR. ACOMAF was the 2/3 of the trilogy.

Since then my expectation level in plot twist was a bit high. I found its hard to move one with this particular plot twist but of course, everyone need to move on from their fave reading.

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith also have a great plot twist when it comes to finding the real murderer. This is a find the murderer crime solving and when we think all the facts pointing to this one person that may be the doer, but Robert Galbraith expertly conceals the truth and make the real doer grand entrance nail it at the final chapter – you just cant see it comes.

From Zero to Hero

Its kind of cliche kinda plot but everytime I encounter this type of story it somehow elevate my motivation. We all know how hard it was living our life like ourselves. This kind of plot will reach your heart deeply inside and make you reminisce about how its hard to be where are you now, so much sacrifices and tears along the way but we all know that we change for something better. That kind of motivational and inspiring plot will never bring you down, and what best was it had been presented in a more lighter way such as a fiction book.

I notice that some of this book theme start with a slow pace story, but it will soon gradually show stronger behavior planted to the character. Makes them appear so real and so intimate.

My example for this theme was Flawed by Cecelia Ahern. I adore so much on how she develop the main characters from a perfect girl, being brutally accused by a corrupt leader, how she gather herself back and finally unleash the great positive inside her. It was so much to adore and some of it was that self help character development.

The History of Hillary Hambrushina by Melanie Lamb also need the shout out because it really reminds me on my childhood, the fear to be with others because of the thought we are not belong with them. Trying to fit with the community by forcing yourself to be somebody else is so frustating because in the end we just need to be who we are, with our own specialty, or own favorite. True friend will love us for who we are. I bet everyone get through that phase one time at our life, that is why this book was so special mostly to remind how clumsy and innocent we are before.

So that was the current trend of nowaday books and I am sure there is more to it like no ordinary love story, but lets just put all the romantic things aside cause I’ll be endless talking about it.

Q : Do you agree on the book plot theme above or there is something I left behind? Tell me more on the comment sections. 😁✌